Martin Tielli - Whoa!

The Temperence Society ChoirSomebody just loaned me his new solo album and I'm still a little stunned. First album in a while that when it was over I started from the first song again. Flashes of Brilliance.If you're not Canadian you might not have heard of him, and if you are Canadian you might know him from his band The Rheostatics.I was a huge fan of the Rheostatics at one time, Melville, Whale Music and Introducing Happiness are great albums. Whale music especially, I turned a few people into fans with that one.After Introducing Happiness they had a hit that was written by the bass player, and the subsequent albums had more and more songs by him, which turned me off of them - he was always the weak point for me.Anyhow, this album reminded me of what attracted to them in the first place. I miss the rest of the band at times - they kicked it into the 'Who realm' but Tielli is obviously the brains (or at least the imagination). This album doesn't KICK ASS!!! but its really good.If you like this check out the Rheostatics or www.sixshooterrecords.comDave Bidini (guitar and vocals for the Rheos) also has a really interesting book about the Life on the road and the Canadian rock scene called 'On a Cold Road' - Highly recommended.

Their song Record Bodycount is one of my all time

That was the song that got me into them in the first place.