Marvel Civil War (2016)

For anyone trying to become familiar with the Civil War concept that is the crux of the upcoming Captain America film, please see the content below as a good introduction of what is going on and where the characters stand on the issue.  This was a really great and complex storyline for Marvel comics and there are no doubt major differences to be made for the film.  If you want to be completely suprised by the story, then avoid this tread, otherwise enjoy.

Following the events of Age of Ultron, the United States Government moves quickly to implement the Superhuman Registration Act. The Act demands that all Superhumans unmask themselves and register as "Living Weapons of Mass Destruction" as well as revealing their identities to the Government in order for transparency between Superhumans and the people. The Government also wishes to deploy the Act as they see it as a way of ensuring that they are able to monitor when Superhumans aid the American people. However the act also deems those unregistered as rouge superhumans and are considered a threat to the people. This splits the superhero community in half with friends becoming foes. The Civil War is the only known mass war between Superhumans with both sides suffering great loss.
Note* Within the Comic Book Universe the implementation of the SRA is the result of catastrophic event resulting in a huge loss of human casualties.

Anti-Registration (Team Captain America)

The Anti-Registration side believed in the knowledge that their identities be kept hidden from the Government and the people ensuring that their families and friends be protected. Many heroes fled America and sought refuge in Canada but many heroes took up arms against those who were once friends and even lovers. This side was led by Captain America who was originally asked to be the face of the Pro-Registration side but refused believing in the right for himself and other superhumans a chance of a normal life. The Anti-Registration side consisted of many heroes and a fair few number of humans, Coulson, Jane Foster and Darcy to name a few. The Civil War saw many friendships and relationships end. Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) broke off her marriage to Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) in order to fight for a cause she and her fellow Fantastic Four team members believed in. Pepper Potts surprisingly and despite her relationship with Tony Stark supported Captain America but was not as vocal in her support as other humans. Throughout the events of Civil War many of the Anti-Registration either change sides or bounced between the opposing forces. Within the comic universe the heroes and villains supporting the Anti-Registration cause ultimately surrender after Captain America releasing how much blood has been shed surrenders to the Government.

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

The face of the Anti-Registration movement, Captain America was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D after the implementation of the SRA to be the face of the Act with the Government and S.H.I.E.L.D believing that he would be the most sympathetic to their cause and upon seeing him sign with the Government help convince other superhumans to sign up. However he disagrees, stating that it is his belief that the American Government has no part in micro-managing the affairs of superhumans and people alike and believing the civil liberties upon which the nation of America was founded on. The government quickly moves to incapacitate the Captain who flees and starts an underground movement seeking out friends and foes alike to support Anti-registration. Now on the run from a Government he once believed in, Captain America finds himself fighting against the very people who loved him and considered him a friend. However as always the Captain could have been counted on to rally people to the cause, with superheroes defecting from their own teams to side with him, even those non-superhuman rallied behind the Cap. The Civil War resulted in a showdown of Superhumans and Humans alike with his once close friend, Tony Stark now his number one enemy.

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)

Bucky Barnes following the events of the Winter Soldier is an interesting addition to Captain America's side, whilst yes he is still Bucky Barnes, he's not the same person Steve once knew. Formerly an operative of HYDRA this ghostly assassin may be one of the very reasons as to why the Government believes so strongly in knowing the identities of every Superhuman. The Winter Soldier in the end credits of Ant-Man has been found by the Captain and Falcon and may with their help regain some idea of who he is but without a doubt is still a massive threat. The concept art despite portraying him as siding with the Anti-Registration, whether or not he will present himself as a threat to Steve or Tony is still unclear however within the Comic Book Universe he does side with the Captain. The Winter Soldier does come under investigation following a major incident within Civil War. So here's hoping to Bucky finally finding himself and choosing the right side.

Sam Wilson (Falcon)

An ex paratrooper, Sam Wilson once again finds himself fighting alongside the Captain as an interesting take upon the comic book version. Sam is one of the few humans in the cinematic universe to side with the Captain, who he sides with and aids in recruiting other superheroes and humans to support the Anti-Registration. He becomes a key member within the Civil War in not only supporting the cause but in being a true friend to Steve. Sam was after the events in the Winter Soldier offered a position of employment with the newly rebuilt S.H.I.E.L.D however chose to decline due to his unease with spy work. Despite appearing in Age of Ultron as a member of the New Avengers Team the events in Civil War may be the breaking point for the New Avengers with its members picking their respective sides. Sam ultimately believes in the Government but not what the Government is choosing to do thus his reasoning to side with the Anti-Registration.

Sharon Carter (Agent 13)

Sharon Carter within the Comic Book Universe is depicted as being grand-daughter of famed SSR Agent Peggy Carter and is a former S.H.I.E.L.D agent who was the love interest to Captain America, within the cinematic universe however she was assigned to watch over Steve Rogers throughout the WInter Soldier. Following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D she took up arms against HYDRA and supported the Captain and his friends in the retaking and restoration of S.H.I.E.L.D all whilst in the employment of CIA. Her role throughout the Civil War is still largely unknown but due to the fact she's a Carter it's likely she will play a larger role in the film as an awesome kick-ass female character and maybe even as a love interest to Captain America.


Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Master archer and spy, Clint is one of the original Avengers and considered a close friend of Steve's and aids him throughout the events of Age of Ultron. An avid supporter of the Anti-Registration Act it is likely that he joined the Caps side due to his family. Whilst he has managed to keep his family hidden from his work and his team members aside from the war against Ultron, revealing his identity to the Government and the people may not be the best move towards protecting his family. After the Ultron incident, Clint has returned to his family farm and seemingly retired from the Avengers Initiative to be with his family and the father his wife desperately wants but due to the Act may be forced to once again pick up his bow to defend his family's secrecy. In the trailer we see him come up against Natasha (Black Widow) implying that the once best friends and godmother/aunt to his children are on opposing sides, a fact that many saw as the end to the famous Hawkeye/Black Widow duo. Inseparable as partners when employed with S.H.I.E.L.D they now face each other as enemies with both believing in the cause for different reasons. In this aspect, I believe his family is what separates Clint as a spy as opposed to Natasha, he has a family and a life that he has fought hard to protect and hide from the world whereas Natasha shrouds herself in secrets and remains in the shadows. Clint's decision to support the Anti-Registration Act comes as no surprise but it will be interesting to see how he fares against his longtime close friend and now enemy Black Widow.

Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch)

The younger of the Maximoff twins, Wanda Maximoff is of Sokovian birth and a gifted superhuman. Herself along with her brother Pietro volunteered for an experiment conducted by HYDRA involving the use of Loki's Scepter. The experiment was successful resulting in her extraordinary gift of psionic powers which she used in the Battle Against Ultron, she proved herself ultimately to be a person of incredible courage and selflessness putting aside her hatred towards Tony Stark for the death of her family and choosing to fight alongside the Avengers. Her decision to side with Captain America may be down to the fact that they are so alike in character, despite only volunteering for the HYDRA experiment to get revenge she truly believed in that her actions she would find peace and just like Steve she has also lost everything but still chooses to move past her loss and fight for the common good. In Civil War, Wanda finally has the chance to make a move against Stark but whether or not she chooses to makes for an interesting addition to the Caps side.

Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

One of the newest additions to the Cinematic Universe, Scott Lang is a past criminal whose talents lie within the illegal activities of burglary. When a burglary results in the accidental discovery of the Ant-Man suit, Scott finds himself trained by its inventor who hopes that Scott will be able to assist him in preventing the creation of another Ant-Man type suit who he believes would be used as a means of fighting a war. After the events surrounding the suit Scott finds himself approached by Sam Wilson who inquires as to whether he could provide some assistance, due to the consequences of the potential creation of another Ant-Man suit if he were to sign the Registration Act it is most likely that Scott decides to side with the Anti-Registration to protect the suit from falling into Government hands.

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

The new kid on the block it is not entirely known as to what role Spidey will play within Civil War however in the comic book universe he originally is one of the first to sign with the Registration revealing himself to America and the world as Peter Parker which not only puts himself in danger but his friends and family too, well what's left of his family. It is only after he meets with Captain America who explains why he so strongly opposes the Act does Parker decide to defect to the Anti-Registration side becoming one of the many superheroes to do so. Whilst his role is still heavily unknown it is most likely that he will act as a window into both sides and the reasoning behind their choice to stand where the opposing sides stand.


Pro-Registration (Team Iron Man)

The Pro-Registration side consist of those who believe that the world needs to know who hides behind the masks. Transparency and accountability are key in ensuring the safety and protection of the world as well as being aware of who is fighting for it and who is fighting against it. The Pro-Registration are led by Iron Man who strongly believes that the world isn't capable of defending itself and needs to know who aids it. Many superhumans sign with the Registration wishing to avoid further conflict and distrust against a community shrouded in such secrecy. Within the comic book universe Tony Stark is aided by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four in implementing the Act, with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D and Government as well as other superhumans they track down unregistered individuals and arrest them. However despite their beliefs they do suffer much personal anguish, with Reed Richards having to bear arms against his wife and brother in law and Tony at odds with long term partner Pepper Potts. Though not everyone on the Pro-Registration side agrees with the act they do understand the decision behind its creation. Many civilian humans are in strong support of the act demanding that they have the right to know who is protecting them. Just like the Anti-Registration, those for the Registration come up against friends and lovers suffering just as much loss and pain as those fighting against it. Ultimately however they succeed after the Captain, leader of the Anti-registration side deems the loss of life too great and orders his side to surrender.

Anthony Stark (Iron Man)

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark heads the Pro-Registration side following the aftermath of the events which occurred in Age of Ultron. Strongly believing the world needs to be protected and failing to do with the creation of Ultron seemingly pushes Tony in strong support of the act believing in accountability of his actions and those of his fellow superhumans in order to maintain an idealistic degree of protection. Tony suffers greatly during the civil war losing Steve, not only one of his closest friends and someone he truly cares about but he also loses his relationship with Pepper who disagrees with the Act and the way Tony is going about enforcing it. Within the cinematic universe we have already seen Tony come to odds with the Captain when arguing against the creation of Vision and this was most probably a hint towards the escalating tension between the two friends. Armed with his trusty Iron Man suit, Tony has proven himself to be a formidable opponent on and off the field. Regardless of his choice, Tony truly believes in his decision to support the act but in the end may lose more than what he could've possibly imagined.

James Rhodes (War Machine)

Best friend and confident of Tony, James Rhodey naturally supports the act as he in turn is in the employment of the United States Government. It is likely that due to his history of military work his decision to side with the registration stems from the accountability of the military and having to answer for every course of action taken. His role within the upcoming movie is like many others still unclear but it is evident that he will be an avid supporter of Tony and the Pro-Registration Act and will no doubt hold his own against the other side.


The Vision is a character who is relatively new to the cinematic universe, he is creation of Stark yet he is also his own person. For now his intentions are not entirely clear but it would make sense for him to side with Tony and the Pro-Registration Act as he is in a sense an extension of Tony. A powerful sentient he is an interesting addition as he could almost be seen as the opposite to the Scarlet Witch with whom it was implied that there was something during the events of Ultron. Evidently Vision is an asset to whom whichever side he chooses to be with.


T'Challa (Black Panther)

A surprising addition to the Pro-Registration side with many fans speculating how Marvel would introduce the Black Panther into the Universe, it would seem that T'Challa finds himself alongside Tony in fighting against the Anti-Registration. Originally a native and king of the African nation of Wakanda also the home of the metal Vibranium somehow finds himself in a Civil War between two opposing sides, it is likely that the Black Panther will be reluctant to join either side as it does not necessarily affect his interests. How Black Panther will fit into the Cinematic Universe is still not known but is one of the most exciting characters to be newly introduced.

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Probably best known as Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff is another master spy and assassin who prior to being in the employment of S.H.I.E.L.D was a spy for the KGB. Formidable as she is beautiful, it would make sense for her to side with the Pro-Registration as she was the one responsible for dumping the entirety of the S.H.I.E.L.D files onto the web thus thrusting her missions into the public eye. Despite working closely with the Avengers and considering many of them as friends she still chooses to support the Pro-Registration whether this is due to the fact she first and foremost works for the United States Government or because she has no other choice still still finds herself fighting against former friends. As a consequence of supporting the Act, Romanoff is seen in the trailer as fighting with her best and closest friend Clint Barton a sad truth in the fact that they are now enemies despite her being the godmother/aunt to Barton's 3 children. Her reasoning behind supporting the act may not be as clear as others it does not mean however she is comfortable bearing arms against those she may have once called friends but her position on the Act will hopefully be further explained during Civil War.

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Yes Peter Parker is listed twice as he originally sides with the Registration and after the persuasion of Stark reveals himself to the world as being Peter Parker. Ultimately he does defect and switch sides  whilst the reasoning behind is due to Captain America it is more than likely that will be different in the film. Whatever his choice ends up being, it's going to be interesting to find out as he is the youngest within the marvel cinematic universe i believe being in his late teens or early adulthood.

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I wonder if Thor will sit out the movie version of Civil War the same way he did in the comicbook?

What I'd really like to see is the epic beatdown Thor lays on Iron Man when he returns after Civil War is over.

Here it is in the comicbook:


Okkun - I wonder if Thor will sit out the movie version of Civil War the same way he did in the comicbook?

What I'd really like to see is the epic beatdown Thor lays on Iron Man when he returns after Civil War is over.

Here it is in the comicbook:

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For anyone who read the comic know this will be VERY far from the comic.

Jake95 - For anyone who read the comic know this will be VERY far from the comic.
That's upsetting. I kinda figured as much but still sucks to hear. Phone Post 3.0

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Jake95 - For anyone who read the comic know this will be VERY far from the comic.
That's upsetting. I kinda figured as much but still sucks to hear. Phone Post 3.0
Why do you think it'll be different? Phone Post 3.0

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Doesn't the government already know who captain America is since they created him? Phone Post 3.0

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Awesome post, dude. I can't wait for this movie!