Marvel withdraws X-Men/F4 license from XM Studios


Less than a week ago, statue manufacturer XM Studios Premium Collectibles was showing off designs for their officially licensed X-Men Sentinel diorama.
But, because this is a story on Bleeding Cool, and you’ve read the headline, you know what’s coming next, right? XM Studios Premium Collectibles have just posted to Facebook,
Folks, it’s been a sad day for us… due to reasons we aren’t at liberty to disclose, we have been asked to put a hard stop to all X-Men characters for now. That means Cable can’t be released, and neither can the awesome Sentinel Diorama which we’ve all been so looking forward to. Still, we continue to have faith that this isn’t an indefinite red light forever and you can have our promise we will be back to producing these dream pieces once the coast is clear – no matter how long it takes!
Maybe once X-Men Apocalypse is out of its promotional window, out of cinemas and already out on DVD for a while? Anything to replace them?
George Middleton This really sucks. Maybe replace with a galactus avengers diorama
XM Studios Premium CollectiblesNo Fantastic 4 too… same issue
Of course long term readers on Bleeding Cool can just add this to the long list of withdrawn licenses from Marvel for anything related to the X-Men or Fantastic Four… as part of the publishers dispute with Fox, who owns the X-Men and Fantastic Four movie licenses.
XM’s Magneto has already shipped and it looks like their Phoenix was too far along to cancel, but the hammer it seems is really coming down…

That's a shame, that looks pretty bad ass.

fryabusa -

That's a shame, that looks pretty bad ass.

Agreed Phone Post 3.0

All this stuff has me pretty concerned about the fate of the X-men post Secret Wars.  Just me?

paw - 

All this stuff has me pretty concerned about the fate of the X-men post Secret Wars.  Just me?

Yup. There's a theory going around that because they don't own the rights to the X-Men movies, they want to bury the X-Men and build up the inhumans.

That is correct. The rumour for a while has been that they want to drive interest in not only Xmen but FF so low that people don't care about them and they stop being popular so Fox/Sony will sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney and they will build them back up. That's why there moving all X-Men off of Planet Earth to X-Topia or whatever. Not making any new characters, it's a full scale freeze out. Phone Post 3.0

holy crapolinsky.

What about that whole "spidey might appear in marvel movies now, they have a deal" thing? from the leaked Sony mails?

Is this real, and if yes, isn't that a sign of the companies working together amicably?

That's happening only because Fox/Sony smartened up and realized the amount of money they could make by doing the partnership. Marvel/Disney was ready to just throw Black Panther in Spideys place for Civil War. Would just have to of done a small rewrite. But all other X properties in any capacity are being frozen as much as they can Phone Post 3.0

How long do marvel think they will be on top? Films only stay in trend so long and it moves onto something else. I personally didn't like avengers 2 and if cap 3 feels like that then it will take the steam out of all future films for me. Phone Post 3.0

They should make an "Ultimate" type universe for just the X-men and FF.

Xavier is a kiddy diddler, in turn Scott thinks it's okay and starts diddling kids. Scott also date rapes Jean, Emma and all the rest of the girls at the school but gets away with it because he's popular.

Reed is a child beater, a wife beater, and does some other fucked up shit - I don't know what, maybe he hates puppies and kills them for fun.

Magneto made up the whole story about being Jewish. He was actually a Nazi. A really bad one.

Wolverine is so old he lived in the 1800's and owned slaves and does racist shit.

Jean Grey gets fat from eating because she's depressed over the rape stuff. In fact all the girls get fat. They're just a bunch of morbidly obese telepaths and stuff.

Either it works like a charm and buries the franchises, or people eat it up for its gritty realism. Win win for Marvel.