Marvel's Agent Carter. Good? Bad? SPOILERS

After 8 episodes, it's done.  Marvel's Agent Carter is done.  What did y'all think?


Overall, I thought it was swell.  I confess I didn't like the episode with the Howling Commandos, and was disappointed when Dottie survived...but then again, I HEART Bridget "Should be cast as WW" Reagan.

I hope Marvel gives this show another shot as I would like to see

  • The SSR disband and the formation of SHIELD
  • Hydra infiltrate the SSR/SHIELD
  • Leviathan get fleshed out more completely
  • Who Peggy marries (oh SHUT UP.  You wanna know too)

I liked it. I think they are setting Dottie up to be a recurring villain for Peggy. I hope that they do a second season Phone Post 3.0

Really enjoyed it. I liked the chiefs story arc in the second last episode. Phone Post 3.0

It was good liked Jarvis Phone Post 3.0

I liked it more than agents of shield. Really hope they bring it back.

hope they bring it back.

-more leviathan

-more hydra infiltrating SHIELD

-less Dr Faustus and what is one of the worst russian accents i've ever heard.

-more Dottie in preferably less clothing.

I hope they jump foward a few years hell they can even make Whitehall an enemy Phone Post 3.0

Howard stark eventually pushes his meat into Peggy. Nine months later she gives birth to a son named Anthony.

I liked it. But I thought they were going to tie it in with the Agents of Shield Whitehall storyline.

Would be OK with a season 2. And OK with skipping a year or two.

There is so many angles they can use for this show.
I hope they bring Zola in more about his infiltration of Shield Phone Post 3.0