Marvels Jessica Jones

Have no idea who this is but it's part of the marvel universe and following Daredevil in netflix to be part of the Defenders series.

Since I have no idea what to expect with the series since I've never heard of this superhero (or non-superhero?) I shouldn't have high expectations but damn if i don't because of how awesome Daredevil was.
Set to be released next month so not long to wait. I'm really looking forward to the Luke Cage one to follow.

All said just to give a heads up for the November 20th release of Jessica Jones Phone Post 3.0

All I know is that's Jane from Breaking Bad and she can crush an alarm clock with her hand. Phone Post 3.0

What is this "Jessica Jones" bullsh*t? PeteyWheatstraw OtherGround Forums 1 day ago
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