Marvel's Loki = Gender Fluid ("Son" AND "Daughter")

I remember in the 90s, as someone casually familiar with comics, how Marvel used to be edgy, anti-social, politically incorrect… but now… FFS

Loki is declared ‘gender-fluid’ in new teaser… after character’s non-binary identity was confirmed in 2014 comic when father Odin referred to the villain as both his ‘son’ and ‘daughter’

  • The Tom Hiddleston character Loki was declared ‘gender fluid’ on Sunday in a trailer for the new MCU spin-off series on Disney+
  • In a preview trailer, a file documenting the character’s gender is listed as 'FLUID’
  • Loki’s gender has been speculated upon in the wake of a 2014 comic book in which Odin called Loki, 'my son, and my daughter, and my child who is both’
  • Hiddleston was first seen as the character in Thor in 2011


This is one of the few times they are making a change for the correct reason. Loki legit was a gender and species changing piece of shit.

When was Marvel ever edgy, anti-social, and politically incorrect? It’s a kids comic book publisher.

So tired of all the faggot shit


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You must be one of those “millennials”

Let’s see in the 90s I remember Deadpool, and Punisher were at their height peak. I seem to remember a few titles that used the word “Extreme” and shit that were a bunch of socialpathic hero types. i could go on. But like I said I was just a casual observer of comics back then.

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Wow. A hero that breaks the fourth wall and a vigilante with his own moral code. Really socially transgressive stuff.

I want to cancel Disney+ so bad but my family cant live without that Simpsons library. It’s our go to show when there is nothing new on.

There’s basically a never ending marathon on FXX

Comic books and superheroes are for fags anyways. Makes sense.

Norway should kill Disney for destroying the past

Wasn’t the daughter evil and Thor not evil so Loki mabye just a mix of personality?

Old school Loki literally became a female horse, got fucked, and gave birth to Sleipnir but y’all are mad at Disney?