marvin eastman

what kind of weight routine is required to find the size and definition of eastman? is that completely natural?

Hard work, smart training, good diet, genetics.

Fabes is correct.

Good genetics, GREAT Diet, VERY Hard Training, and a precise regimen.

And yes, it is easily obtainable naturaly, it just takes hard work and dedication.

A lot of genetics and hard work.

The guy is 5'9 and has that short stocky build.

I'm sure he was even stocky looking before he ever lifted a weight

It's crazy to see someone considered a striker with that kind of physique. He probably would've made an awesome running back.

He WAS a good running back, played at UNLV and in the CFL.

see, I know what i'm talking about.


If you weight train like a mofo... you can get any results. I remember my friend was a skinny little kid and he did weights constantly for like 5 months and he blew up... then he took prohormones and got bigger... then they made them illegal. Anybody can get like that... but i think having all that muscle on a shorter guy takes alot from your cardio.

I know lots of people over the years who like Eastman and Sherk who didn't even work out. Having really, really dark skin makes you look even more ripped. Some people are just genetic freaks.

" it is easily obtainable naturaly" lol... lol, again...

Eastman is not that big, but he's thick. heavily muscled.