MASATO asks for raise

Masato has asked that the winning purse for the K-1 MAX be doubled. Tanigawa has agreed. So this year the winner (Andy Souwer;-) will get double for winning than he got last year :-D

How ever is that possible? Where is this money coming from? Is K-1 a charity?

waaa..masato has a lot of power it seems.

Imagine someone asking to Dana white to double his

Got the news off regular Yahoo Japan news (boutreview is reporting the same). The winning purse this year will be more than 20 million Yen. Even in Dollars, that's not too shibby at all.

Masato's argument was that the winner of Sasuke (A show where various sports people and celebrities attempt to finish an obstacle course) gets 10 million, just like the MAX winner. But MAX fighters are professionals who do this as their job, whereas the entrants for Sasuke are doing it for fun. So to portray K-1 MAX fighters as professional people, the prize money should be at least doubled. He feels though that being the same as the heavyweights would be too much though.

andy this time got a very difficult opponent with virgil. although i think andy will win it. i hope he wont be injured. like last time when masato fought zambis. guys like zambis and virgil they are tough tough guys and defeating them is 1 thing. but winning without injury is another.

kohi is perfect fighter to get injury free out of a fight. so i truelly think masato will have a good chance to get without to much trouble in semi finals. and then to fight andy if andy wins. will be very very hard for andy to win it. still if andy is injured masato may face another dutch fighter named ryan simpson. and Ryan is very very experienced fighter.

ah well we will see it. i am so excited about this k-1 max tournanent. it is very hard to predict who win it. although it wouldnt surprise me if sato will actually take the belt with him this time. that guy is tall and fights very smart.

japanese orgs listen to their fans and their fighters.
Good job k1.

Best GP Card so far

They brought in Kamal El Amrani and Yodsenklai Fairtex

I thought the winner would get a lot more than 20 million yen. I've heard Koki Kameda gets about 50 million yen a fight right now.

The 20 mill is just for winning the tourney. They get show money and so on.

Kameda bros get more because they are hot items at the mo. Not overly representative of other boxers in the same division.

ttt for pro athletes and good pay :-D

Bukaw IMO...

"Kameda bros get more because they are hot items at the mo. Not overly representative of other boxers in the same division."

I can't imagine how much Koki will actually get for his title shot. Daiki has had 3 fights and gets national TV exposure on TBS. These guys could eventually start making millions if they keep winning.

bout time they brought El Amrani.

Aye, some awesome match ups. Going to come down to who will be the least damaged after the first fight. And nice of Masato to up the money too :-D

20,000,000.00 JPY = 178,970.92 USD