Mass camp

I would really like to attend something like a Mass camp, based on the fat camps they have, except everything would be targeted at building mass, the diet, facilities, etc.

Anyone thinking thats a good idea, or should I walk away in shame?

You don't need to spend a lot of money to gain or lose weight. Learn how to motivate yourself.

Your body can't use much past 1g/kgBW/day (574g/week for me) in protien, once you achieve that just stick to carbs and carbs are cheep. It shouldn't be that expensive to bulk up, a whole cooked chicken is about $6-7 2lbs of cottage cheese is about $5. So you obviously don't know what you are doing either.

"You actually do need to spend a considerable amount of money to gain mass. 5-6 moderate sized meals a day consisting of lean beef, chicken, tuna, pasta, whey protein, milk, etc. will run you at least $75 a week. You obviously have never bulked past 10 LBS."

Nice troll attempt, but I bulk with RICE.