Mass Destruction 15 Preview!!!!

Check out a preview of Mass Destruction at

Great review Biggie, I think lorian is a black belt now though

hope to meettt some of ya there :-)

there are a shitload of typos there that don't exist in my copy...oh well though....

Not a big deal, oh well. Good article though

Good article Biggie! I am pretty sure Joe has much more than "less than 2 years of training" though.

Not much more. 2 and a half years now

ttt for RSD

touche, Tim.

may the best man win.

Kosta, I was just joking around and I thought your post was fine- although I am rooting for Mike... best of luck to both of them.

How can I get a ticket?


if i end up going to boston to see this, i will put $20 on Attonito that he wins. another $10 that he wins by TKO.

friendly wager. just a team member rooting for his own. to get tickets, or you can buy one at the door.

Will there definitely be tickets at the door?

Correction.Dunn doesn't box.He is a strict BJJer that intends to pull guard.

"Correction.Dunn doesn't box.He is a strict BJJer that intends to pull guard."

and the only move he goes for the gogoplata... he has trouble most of the time