Mass Destruction 16 Results

Mass Destruction 16 was the most evenly matched fight card we have ever put together. While there were several controversial calls made by the referees and judges,overall every fight fan that attended had to be pleased!

Fight 1 - Mohammad Mohebbi (Planet Jiu-Jitsu) vs John Latham (Jerry Jones)

Round 1

After feeling each other out Mohammed tries to shoot on Latham repeatedly but is unsuccessful and finds himself being put on his back more than once. Latham completely dominates the round and even attempt a crucifix and a guillotine. Latham obtained cross body and mount

Round 2

Mohammed comes out trying to strike and fairs better but then tries to shoot and Latham spins him to the floor again. After working a little in cross body Latham stands and lets Mohammed up.  On the feet Mohammed does better as they trade shots with Mohammed eventually falling to his but.  Latham gets half mount and stays there until the round ends.
Latham did look a little tired in that round

Latham wins by decision after the second round

Fight 2 - Robert McNeil (South Shore Sportfighting) vs Jack Welby (Boneyard)


Both come out flurring and Welby scores a single leg into crossbody. McNeil gets back up and gets taken back down with a single. Welby mounts lands a big shot and McNeil reverses. Welby attempts and entangled arm and a kimura from the bottom which McNeil escapes and then lands big shots inside Welby's guard. McNeil stands there is a lull and then more action.

Round 2

There round is completely on the feet with the fight moving between clinch fighting and striking on the outside and brief lulls while the fighters circle. Welby uses effective uppercuts and McNeil effective Knees. Both fighters look tired at the end of the round. McNeil has a cut over the outside corner of his left eye.

Robert McNeil wins by split decision after the second round


Fight 3 - William Hogan (Freestyle) vs Jerry Speigel (Renzo Gracie)

Spiegel dances with ring girl briefly and ref breaks it up
Round 1

Hogan takes two big shots and gets knocked down each time early and the ref stops the fight

Speigel wins by KO in Round 1

Fight 4 - Jim Gonzales (Brazilian MA Center) vs John Chupak (Jerry Jones)

Round 1

Gonzales throws a lead kick to the head and falls and Chupak moves in but Gonzales shoots and gets the takedown into Chupak's guard. Chupak attempts a guillotine and looks to do and armbar but Gonazales escapes botha and passes. Chupak moves into position for a leg lock and Gonzales reverse heel hooks him.

Gonzales wins by reverse heel hook at 2:19 of round one


Fight 5 - Rich Attonito (Planet Jiu-Jitsu) vs Mike Marshall (Team Elite)


Both fighters work mostly in the clinch moving out trading shots and then moving back into the clinch. Marshal did sustain a cut under his left eye.

Round 2

Fighters clinch and Attonito gets the takedown off a drop and shot and holds top position but Marshall manages to drive back to the feet. They continue to work in the clinch. Marshall sprawls off of a Attonito shot and gets tangled in the ropes. Ref restarts the fight standing in the center of the ring. The clinch again. The strike in the clinch and as they move in and out. When out of the clinch they throw big punches. This fight there were not many kicks. Marshall did seem to have a little bit of a problem getting hit with the straight right hand when there is a little space between the two.

Marshall wins by split decision after the second round


Fight 6 - Adailton "Zecomfre" Reis (Dragon's Lair) vs Mike Varner (Boneyard)

Round 1

Reis lands leg kicks Varner eventually lands a big straight right hand and Reis turn his back and Varner takes him down and attempts a rear naked choke but Reis escapes and they both go to the feet where Varner punishes Reis with punches and opens a cut on Reis. There is a checking of the cut and he is allowed to continue. Reis throws a grazing kick to the head of Varner. They clindh and Reis gets the takedown and mounts Varner and opens a cut striking Varner. Varner covers up and is defenseless. The ref stops the match.

Reis Wins by Ref 3:23 of Round 1

Fight 7 - Ronald "Choirboy" Stallings (Sekei) vs Randy "The Savage" Rowe (Venom)

Round 1

Stallings lands a kick to Rowe. Rowe then slams Stallings and lets him up and then lands a big headlock throw moments later. Rowe is in Stallings guard. Stallings lands a triangle and  Rowe picks him up and slams him. Ref takes point away and restarts fight. Rowe takes shot and then body locks Stallings who jumps to guard and Randy slams him. Inside Stallings guard Rowe lands some big shots. Rowe then gets caught in a triangle and fights hard to escape but this time he has no choice but to tap.

Stallings wins by tap out submission (triangle) at 4:32 of Round 1

Fight 8 - Mandella "Delicious" Kpunou (Dragon's Lair" vs Ted Govola  Jr.. (Venom)

Round 1

Mandella comes out and throws a kick to the head and Govala throws a straight right that does not land. Mandella throws another kick to the head and no damage. Govola takes him down and works g & p inside Mandella's guard and works g& p and eventually passes. And Mandell gets guard back. To guard. Ted passes eventually and mounts. Mandella turns his back and Ted works for rear naked. Mandella escapes the choke Mandella gets Ted down briefly. Ted gets back up and spins Mandella to the mat.

Round 2

Both come out striking and Mandella lands better strikes. Govola shoots and Mandella defends effectively and eventually gets Govola in a headlock throw and mounts Govola near the ropes. Ref  restarts the fight on the feet and Govola gets the takedown into Mandella's guard. Mandella gets Oumaplata but instead strikes to the back of the head
And the ref stops the fight for disqualification

Ted wins by disqualification due to intentional strikes to the back of the head at 3:59 of the second round.

Ted looked tired and Mandella looked in better shape. Ted seemed to have a hard time shooting and then dealing with the hard aggressive strikes of Mandella. The reach of Mandella seemed to give him a little trouble as well.

Fight 9 Flyweight Title

Jay Isip (End Game) vs Darryl MacAurele (Strikezone)

Round 1

MacAurele is more ripped than I have ever seen him.

MacAurele looks to clinch and takes a big kick to the head and some punches. Both fighters clinch and when they break MacAurele lands a big straight right knocking Isip down. Isip gets up quick and gets thrown to the mat and mounted. Isip is eventually a able to get back up and then gets taken again. MacAurele works inside the guard of Isip and then Isip gets back up. Isip throws leg kicks and MacAurele clinches and gets the takedown where he throws some strikes and Isip starts to look to position himself to set up a leg lock but MacAurele defends and then the round ends with MacAurele on top.

Round 2
They clinch and MacAurele gets the takedown into crossbody and then mounts and starts striking and the ref stops the match

MacAurele wins by ref stoppage in the second round.


Mass Destruction returns to BOSTON on Saturday, August 28th.

WHERE:Avalan Night Club - Downtown Boston
WHEN: Saturday, August 28, 2004
WHAT: 14 Mixed Martial Art Fights
TIME: Doors Open 6:00, 1st match at 7 PM

Please email to get on this card!!!


well according to the play by play, Jeff Miller and attonito have nothing to be upset about.


Jeff, tough break man. That is poop, and that Marshall guy sounds like a real class act. It's not his fault.

I'm suprised that Randy tapped.I'd figure him to just pass out before tapping out.

Mike is very classy guy, however,

I said it before..i would have accepted a draw, but Rich did more in controlling the match, achieved 2 takedowns..and worked his strikes well from the clinch