Mass Destruction XVIII - Boston, MA

by Rick from MASSMMA


Fight 1 - Muy Thai Match

Michael Gamache (Elite Martial Arts) vs. Andres Jeudi (Sit Yod Tong)

Though Michael was introduced first, Andres entered the ring first. After the traditional Muy Thai Ceremonies, the match is underway. Mike is boxing mostly, and he’s throwing wild punches. Andres lands some great leg kicks followed by a series of good knees before he throws Mike to the mat.  Andres lands about 20 knees to the mid section, disengages, and lands a great head kick that floors Gamache. The round ends shortly after he gets up.

Round 2

Mike again comes in hard with punches, and throws a head kick that grazes Andres. He attempts another head kick, but slips and falls. They clinch, and Andres lands knee after knee. Mike’s mid section is red from the knees he keeps taking. After a brief exchange, the round ends.

Round 3

Mike runs right in with punches, and Andres absorbs them, and clinches, and throws more knees. He’s now kneeing the legs as well. Mike lands a few good punches only to be clinched and kneed again. Andres lands a bunch more knees as time expires.

Winner:Andres Jeudi-split decision


Fight 2 - Rob Larose (Strikezone) vs. Dan Cole (Planet Jiu-Jitsu)

Rob has a big height advantage. They quickly clinch as the match starts. As they break apart, big punches are throw by both with nothing serious landing. Rob attempts a judo throw, but ends up on his back. They scramble, and are clinched standing again. Dan takes Rob down, and is working a strong ground and pound. He’s landing some pitter patter to the stomach. Rob seems to hate being on his back. Rob attempts a triangle, but Dan passes to side mount, but they are tangled in the ropes. They are stood up for being in the ropes, and the round ends shortly after.

Round 2

As the round starts Dan looks tired. Dan again clinches, and sweeps Rob’s feet out from under him. Dan is now side mounted and landing knees to the midsection. Rob establishes guard and is landing punches from the bottom. Rob’s arms are much longer, and Dan can’t get close enough to hit him. Dan is bleeding slightly from the nose. They are both throwing punches, and both are now bleeding a little. They are stood up for lack of action. Rob lands a couple hard shots, then clinches and holds on as time expires.

Winner: Dan Cole-unanimous decision


Fight 3 - Robert McMasters (South Shore Sportfighting) vs. Dan Ferrer (Team Santos)

Dan lands a good leg kick, and Rob responds with one of his own. Now they are both throwing bombs. Dan shoots but Rob sprawls and punches. Rob however gets the takedown, but they are up very soon. Rob is throwing a ton of punches wit a ton of power on them. Rob has a cut over his eye, and they stop to let the doc look at it. Rob looked a bit gassed, so this break may work to his advantage. They restart the action and they come out swinging! Rob drops him with a punch, and they scramble back to their feet. During the exchange the cut opens up again, and the fight is stopped.

Winner: Dan Ferrer-referee stoppage


Fight 4 - Steve Montinari (Strikezone) vs. Anthony McDonald (Jay Lally)

They flurry into the clinch, and Steve is working for a trip. Anthony slaps on a tight standing guillotine, jumps guard and ends the fight.

Winner: Anthony McDonald-submission


Fight 5 - Mark Raposa (Boneyard) vs. Rich Attonito (Planet Jiu-Jitsu)

Rich lands a looping punch and clinches. Rich gets a clean takedown, and stuffs Mark’s arm under his back and starts to bang away. Rich passes to side mount. He’s working a controlled game. They scramble but end up in the same position. Rich lands some very hard shots as the round ends, and Mark stays down and before the doctor makes a recommendation, the referee stops the fight. Mark jumps back to his feet in protest.

Winner:Rich Attonito-referee stoppage

Fight 6 - Dale Hartt (Team Irish) vs. Gary Bonenfant (Murphy’s Kickboxing)
A good leg kick from Dale opens things up. Dale throws a head kick, but Gary blocks it and puts him down. They scramble back to their feet, and are both throwing kicks. Gary kicks Dale in the groin, but Dale catches it, and throws him to the mat. He quickly mounts him, and throws punches until Gary taps out. After the fight, Dale is carried around the ring by his corner, Marcus Davis.
Winner-Dale Hartt-submission

Fight 7 - Robert McNeil (South Shore Sportfighting) vs. Bill Luff (Central MA Fight Club)
Bill enters the ring wearing his traditional jagermeister tank top. Rob is throwing punches, but Bill is defending well, and smiling. Bill lands a leg kick, and keeps smiling. They are both defending punches well, but not really landing. Bill is now talking to Rob. I think he said “Is that all you got?” They clinch briefly with both throwing knees. Bill lands a good body kick, and they continue to talk smack to each other. Rob lands a solid leg kick as the round ends.

Round 2
Bill lands a punch that didn’t look to land very hard, but threw water/sweat off Rob’s head. Bill is eating leg kick after leg kick, and keeps smiling at him. They keep dancing, and defending, but not really landing anything. Rob lands a hard shot to the head, but Bill looks ok. Somebody needs to do something to win this fight. Rob throws a bunch of punches in the last 30 seconds of the fight with a few landing, but nothing too serious.
Winner: Robert McNeil-split decision

Fight 8 - Brian Olsen (Strikezone) vs. Tyler Oleksak (Marco Alvan BJJ)
Both are in great shape, and look prepared. Tyler works a quick takedown into guard, and Brian is holding on. Tyler threw some heavy punches before they scramble to their feet. Brian lands a very hard punch to Tyler’s groin, and they halt the action to let him recover. Tyler lands a hard knee right before Brian takes him down. Brian is throwing some hard shots, but Tyler is defending well. He continues to rain down hard shots, and they are now getting through. The referee has no choice but to stop the fight.
Winner: Brian Olsen-referee stoppage

Fight 9 - Mike Varner (Boneyard) vs. Leigh MacNeil (Murphy’s Kickboxing)
Varner looks more intense than I’ve ever seen him as he enters the ring. Mike throws a push kick which Leigh catches, and tosses him to the mat. They scramble for a second, and Mike side mounts Leigh. Leigh has a weak guillotine, and Mike is trying to pull his head out. Mike is landing knees to the ribs over and over. Leigh starts to fire knees back, but they seem to have little effect. Leigh is holding Mike’s arms, and Mike is having a tough time getting them free. Leigh escapes to his feet and Mike lands a hard leg kick as the round comes to a close.

Round 2
They are dancing and trading leg kicks for the first minute of the round. Leigh shoots, but Mike sprawls hard. Mike stands up and lets Leigh do the same. Leigh wings a head kick at Mike, and barely misses. Mike throws a few bombs, and Leigh looks very hurt. Leigh falls to his back and attempts to butt scoot, but Mike makes him stand. Leigh is eating shot after shot, and looks just about done as time runs out.
Winner: Mike Varner-unanimous decision

Fight 10 - USMMA Heavyweight Title
Percy Smith (Elite Martial Arts) vs. Marcelo Virla (Central MA Fight Club)

Percy wastes no time shooting and getting a takedown. He quickly passes to half guard, then side mount. Marcelo quickly reestablishes half guard, but loses it just as fast. Percy is bouncing around everywhere from reverse mount to half guard, and back into reverse mount. He’s out wrestling Marcelo but not doing any damage. He ends up in guard. He’s throwing punches as the crowd chants his name, but doesn’t land anything serious as the round ends.

Round 2
Percy runs in and immediately clinches, and takes Marcelo and is again side mounted. He mounts, and throws a few punches before Marcelo turtles. He rolls back, and Percy is again mounted. Marcelo again turtles, and Percy ends the fight by rear naked choke.
Winner: Percy Smith-submission


WHERE: Avalon Night Club - Downtown Boston
WHEN: Saturday, February 26, 2005
WHAT: 14 Mixed Martial Art Fights
TIME: Doors Open 6:00, 1st match at 7 PM

Mass Destruction 19 is already getting attention with 3 of our Championship tiles on the line. Don’t miss Massachusetts’ largest NHB event! 1st Fight is at 7 PM (Doors open at 6 PM)

JOE LAUZON (RSD) vs. JOE AHLERT (Renzo Gracie)

TED GOVOLA JR. (Venom) vs. BEN DINEEN (Wrestling)

PERCY SMITH (Elite Martial Arts) vs. BRIAN OLSEN (Strikezone)

Also fighting:
MAT LAMBERT (Murphy's Kickboxing) vs. PAT SCHULTZ (Eclectic Karate)
JIM GONZALES (Jiu-Jitsu) vs. DAVE GILREIN (Boneyard)

Looking to match up:

Greg Rabello (Eclectic Karate)
Carmello Marrero (SBG)
Chris Volo (Amorosi's MA)

Contact Joe Cuff at to get on this card

Great play by play post Rick, well done. Great show as well. Congrats to all the fighters and fans that made it possible. Looking forward to the next.

Great night of fights!!

ttt. solid show. the next card is shaping up nicely.

Which of these guys were heavyweights? I think the olsen fight was, what do these guys weigh? thanks.

Hey rick email me the chicks want to go out on sat.
good review by the way.


Ken, me and Ginsberg were doin commentary and whenever
you'd yell advice to a fighter he'd say, 'If Florian's sayin in, I
would listen.' So when the DVD comes out, you pick it up