Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Remastered

Ashley’s character arc was to get herself a huge makeover for Mass Effect 3.

Yeah that was retarded. She went from a combat hardass to running around in a catsuit (I think that’s what its called).

True - but devil’s advocate - EVERY alien race in the game treats humans like that.

That’s actually one of the best things about ME in my opinion, the humans are considered peons. Star Wars, Star Trek, etc., humans are clearly top of the food chain, so ME is clearly very different territory. And it’s an integral part of the story- i think it’s obviousy indicated that if an Asari or Turian had discovered the Reaper menace, things would have been treated very differently. But no, a lowly human found it, and so it was blown off, with catastrophic results.

Again, just as Ashley learned to get along with aliens, the aliens learned to tolerate and even respect humans over the course of the trilogy - that’s a really positive arc overall. Wish they had focused on it more :frowning:

But those aliens are not in your party. My point is that people try to defend Ashley racism or act like it’s not there.

Let’s talk Mordin Solas. His comments on the Krogan are just as bad but hes not defended like Ash is. His work on the Genophage was deplorable and is not defended either.

Well Ashley dislikes them based on her racist beliefs whereas Mordin did something that as disgusting as it was, was necessary if they didnt want the milky way ruled by Krogan. Mordin actually shows alot of interest and respect for the krogans, and did not seem to take any joy in it, still genocide though.

At first I was thinking that too. Kinda like how we dropped the atomic bomb on innocents during WW2. However I think it’s worse. The Genophage caused still births. Children were killed without making a choice. They were punished for sins of the father so to speak.

WTF, Mordin is like one of the most beloved NPCs in the entire series behind Garrus.

People wept during his arc’s completion.

I’m not saying people didnt like his character or arc.

I’m sure the Krogan found great comfort in Mordin being conflicted about having made the genophage :stuck_out_tongue:

Devil’s advocate again - the Krogan fucking deserved it. Yes, they saved the galaxy from the Rachni, but then turned into a threat even greater than the Rachni. They destroyed countless planets and billions upon billions of lives. Don’t start shit and then complain when people beat your ass.

Yeah, maybe they didn’t ask to be uplifted, and arguably it was unwise to give an aggressive race access to the galaxy’s highest level military tech - but at the same time, the Krogan are an intelligent species and they have free will, and no one made them embark on a crusade to crush the entire galaxy for shits and giggles. Once they decided that, it was on them as to what happened to them.

That said, after a while it could have been lifted, as if you assume they are in fact an intelligent species, they sure as shit should be intelligent enough to back off from universal conquest if the 'phage were to be lifted. Telling the salarians and turians “If we ever fix the genophage we will exterminate you!” is not a compelling argument for them to revoke their gene warfare :wink: If anything they’d want to make it 100% after hearing that.

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Does anyone else hate how Shepard jogs? He jogs left dominate but to such an extreme it looks like he is retarded.

He’s the best dancer in the galaxy though.

Big gamer but came to RPGs later in life.

Is this like fallout in space?

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Sort of … it’s much more action gameplay based, and focused and driven around the central narrative, far more character driven with smaller defined areas to explore.

Each games play mechanics improves upon the last and the first game is quite clunky, though improved slightly with this remaster.

IMO it’s the best sci-fantasy since the original Star Wars trilogy and it’s kind of shocking they haven’t yet turned it into a big budget cinema franchise.

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ROFL Too true

I remember people bitching about the weird running animations in Andromeda and I was like “Did you not play the first three games???”

That said, I will never bitch about the running in ME for one simple reason, Shepard can run all day. There is no stupid stamina bar bullshit that makes it so you can run like 30 yards and then get winded and slow down like SO MANY damn games nowadays. :wink:

I was just thinking that if an Elcor could overcome their conditioning/training to say how they feel/mood before each sentence that could become an extremely powerful diplomat or gambler.

The whole universe takes everything they say at face value because they are told that Elcor go through training to better communicate what they are saying since they have no body language that others can pick up on who’s not an Elcor. If one could lie like this, they would have a huge advantage over other species.

Also fuck Yeoman Kelly. Bitch said she would feed my fish while I was away.

Well that was a mother fuckin’ lie.