Mass Effect Novel - "Revelation"

Anybody else read this? Picked this up from Borders over the weekend for
about 7 bucks. It's the prequel to the Mass Effect game for the 360
coming out in a few months. It was written by the same guy who wrote
the storylines for Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect.

Wasn't expecting too much from this book but I couldn't put it down. It
goes into lots of details about the alien technology used in the game, the
history of the humans' ascension to the intergalactic community, and the
races you'll encounter throughout the game. It's a pretty deep universe
that looks wide open for sequel after sequel if this game does well.

Great read but now i can barely wait for the game...

mass effect will be the shit for sure

What's the author's name? I might go to the bookstore at lunch today.

The author is: Drew Karpyshyn

lead writer of Mass Effect, and also of Knights of the Old Republic I and II.
Give it a shot. I thought it was gonna be some nonsense, but all in all it's
a fun read and an awesome primer for the game.

thanks for the heads up, gonna have to pick it up.

I don't have a next-gen system so I won't be playing the game, but it still fascinates me. I'll definitely give the book a look.

thanks I'm gonna look for it