MASS MMA Integrates with MMA.TV

Dear MASS MMA Readers,
As many of you have seen, the MASS MMA forum has been phased out to integrate MASS MMA with the Underground’s (MMA.TV) Massachusetts based forum. It does not make sense to have different forums with the same people posting and such similar content. The fragmentation has led to under use of both forums.

We would like to encourage MASS MMA readers to embrace the Massachusetts forum that is now a part of the navigation bar located on top of MASS MMA and by clicking here.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me by emailing

Best Regards,
Marc Grabowski

"The fragmentation has led to under use of both forums."

Huh?? This forum is underused??

The local forums on the Underground are underused.

Kirik did a phenomenal job setting up local MMA forums but people don't use them as much as anticipated. We are trying to drive more readers to post within the Massachusetts area for localized content.

well ttt then.

ttt indeed





Thanks Marc for all your hard work!

you guys realize that this sticky thread doesn't require a ttt, because it is always at the top - correct?

Nice work Marc and all those involved!

Biggie, it wasnt stickied until last night.


LOL at Kirik. He follows no rules!!!!


Thanks for the help on the integration.

Everybody else - Thanks for using this forum. We will be sending thread hot topics each week for MASS MMA readers to stay up to date.

TTT for Marc!


TTT guys. Great idea

Mass MMA is brining it !!!!

ttt good stuff