Mass MMA Meeting Tonight Postponed

Mike Varner and Rick Caldwel were talking and:
1. People were unclear on the place and time, if not
the date.
2. The Mass Boxing Commission may be stepping back in.

Thus it would be prudent to postpone the meeting which
was scheduled for tonight at 7:00 pm, at Joe
Espositos. To repeat, there is no meeting at Joe's gym
tonight. We will email when plans for the next one
have solidified.

We woulde be grateful if you passed on the word to
anyone who should hear it!

To clarify, I didn't make the call to postpone the meeting, and if one more person calls me asking why I took so long to let them know it was postponed,I'm going to snap.

I'm flattered than you guys think I'm important enough to make the call, but I'm not. I just happen to be the sucker that was asked to get the word out.

I called to complain about it.

I think it was a huge mistake calling it off. I know of a lot of people who planned on going, who may not be interested in going to another one. Even if everyone wasnt there, we could have accomplished something tonight, as opposed to now where we will accomplish nothing.

And now having a meeting before Mario's show is impossible. This was a huge mistake.

As far as the meeting goes. I agree that there should have been a meeting. However, no one made calls to anyone that I know of to say it was definately on.

I think everyone was waiting for Mike V to call everyone or myself. Varner is flat out working trying to catch up on lost time and lost money from all of the organizing that he's been doing.

Someone else needs to take the reins for a while. I think zack and Mario's show should be discussed and we should do all we can to help them.

I will be in NJ with Lance but Varner will be setting up their ring and needs help.

I also think whoever is around that was at the first meeting should call Mario or Zack and offer whatever service they can. I called mario with some matchups. But he'll need help reffing, judging, organizing, announcing, dj'ing, ring card girling (good one for santos), making sure doc, and/or ambulance is set up. ins., etc.

as far as the BC goes. I have a good feeling that they will do what they need to do to allow us to hold our events. Don't forget we brought in 80% of their revenue last year.

Until they are back we run the shows professionally and safely and we all help each other to make sure things go right.

thats my input for the non-meeting.

I apologize to everyone if I came across like a douche bag on the phone. I didn't organize the meeting, or even play a big part in it.

I was asked to get in touch with people to postpone the meeting. I didn't decide to cancel it, and I don't know the whole story as to why it was called off tonight. I think some people thought I was being intentionally vague, and I want you to know I wasn't....I just honestly didn't know what was going on.


"However, no one made calls to anyone that I know of to say it was definately on. "

I didnt think we needed to. Last I heard, was two weeks ago at the original meeting... and we were definitely on for last night. Nothing changed, so I couldnt see why people needed to be told what they had already been told: the meeting was on.

Varner, I will call you back later today.

Joe, I agree. I also thought the meeting was on, as scheduled in our last gathering, but I received numerous e-mail & phone calls asking if it was still on. I told everyone "ya, as far as I know". Then I heard it was cancelled from Rick. (BTW Rick is a douche bag)

I wasn't going to make it to the meeting either way because I had no one to cover my classes but I was hoping for a full report.

I know Mike V had to finish a job that he could not get out of. As far as everyone else goes, I dunno. You all still could have had a meeting. I think it would have been productive.

I don't think any losses will occur from not having the meeting. I think things are still the same as they have been. But Mario and Zack will need some help.