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Thursday May 6, 2004

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Eruption Results and play by play

  • Chris "Biggie" Richard's review of Eruption has been posted at This review took Chris a little longer than usual, but the detail was worth the wait!
  • Eruption pictures, slide show fan comments and words from Mike Brown have been at since Saturday.

  • Miletich Fighters Sam Hoger and Brian Bressler are interviewed by Richard Burton after their fights at Eruption.

    Ray Elbe Interview

  • Fighter Ray Elbe was scheduled to fight in last Friday's Eruption, but due to a paper work mishap, Elbe's fight was cancelled. Though we would have enjoyed seeing this fight, it did give Richard Burton of MASS MMA an opportunity to discuss Ray's fight career and a record a number of interesting anecdotes.Go to to read this article.

    East Coast Grappling Championships

  • Roberto Maia and Keith Florian hosted the East Coast Grappling Championships last Saturday afternoon at Brandeis College. This was a great tournament and we have some spectacular pictures of the grapplers at

  • Site UpdateLet us know what you think of this new Newsletter format. One major change is this week's event on the right hand side of this newsletter. There have been so many events in the past month that MASS MMA finds it important to make sure every fight fan is aware of each week's events.
  • A Moment of Truth
    An updated fight card and information on This Saturday's event is at

    Ray Elbe couldn't give a boring interview if he tried.

    Massmma, with your screen name I feel like your long lost nephew or something.


    massmma....i was just reading your "play by play" of Mark Colangelo's
    fight. Come on..."Lee grabs one of Colangelo's kicks and begins
    beating the crap out of him..." This review is a bit biased. This fight
    was a solid fight with a 10 point must system as per the rules meeting
    before the fight. Mark drops Lee 3x in the first round, and in the
    second round Lee scores leg kicks. Lee is also deducted 1 point for
    kicking Mark while he was on the ground, and not from a knock down.
    I have watched video of this fight a few times and see it a bit differently
    than you do. Reading your play by play, you make it like Mark got
    worked. Mark knocked Lee down 3x and not by mere slippage. You
    also say that Mark didn't want to deal with his hands? Come on. His
    hands never phased Mark. It was Mark staying on the outside. Lee has
    a huge reach on him.

    No offense but the play by play is reading hella biased bro.


    Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

    I don't see the review as bias, just how one guy saw the fight, just how you saw it a different way. Seeing as how Biggie is unaffiliated with either of the fighters I wouldn't see a reason for an unbias review.

    TTT for the weekly news.

    Chris....just my opinion. I read it and it just felt a bit biased that's all.
    Just reading the "play by play" it sounds as if Mark wasn't in the game
    and that he was being dominated completely by Lee which was far
    from the case. Mark played a counter puncher game and that isn't
    saying he was afraid to get in there with Lee. Everyone sees a fight
    differently as well as an article differently. From my perspective
    however, I felt as I said that this was a bit biased, that's all. You don't
    have to be affiliated to be biased. If I was to write about someone that I
    liked, I might be biased too. Obviously this is true or I would write this.


    Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

    Great point regarding a different interpretation of the fight. I agree with you, the fight was in my opinion the fight of the night. Mark did look like he was well prepared for the bout, but I can also see how somebody with a different training background, or even a different seat might have seen the fight in a different light.

    Though Mark put up a good battle, it did seem he may have been a bit worse for the wear after the fight. It seemed as though the leg kicks really took their toll on his quad.

    Thanks for reading the article, and congratulations to your fighters for some impressive fights.

    I guess that is the fight that drives me the craziest. It was a great night
    and I am never one to come on here and argue a decision but this one
    troubles me. All is over and at the end of the day, it was a great night
    of fights but if leg kicks win a unanimous decision over 3 knockdowns
    plus a point deduction, I guess I am a bit confused as to what the rules
    meeting was about.

    I am also a bit bummed by James stoppage with 15 seconds left in the
    fight after such a hard fought battle, you don't stop it for that. He was
    completely fine. Hey, that's what we are supposed to do, look after the
    fighters that we represent and when we see things that we disagree
    with, we are supposed to voice our opinions. We should just try to do it

    Great write ups though! It's good to see some solid write ups after such
    a great night of fights! I do love what you do with your site. It is
    definitely one of the most informative out there. Keep up the good


    Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

    Thanks for the feedback Lynn.
    The refs are getting better around here, but there's a little way to go before there will be no complaints from fighters, coaches and fans.

    "clears throat"

    I'll actually be seeing him this weekend. I'll see if he's still got it. Who are you and which fight was it?

    Lynn,I'll be the first person to tell you that I'm biased in my reviews - I write my reviews as a fans of the sport; I'll never be able to be some unbiased robot that write for other sites. I'll mix in profanity, shit-talking, humor, and all that fun stuff in my articles. It upsets some people, but it also makes a ton of people read through my 10+ pages of fight descriptions.I do, however, try to remain fair, and I feel I was - I made more than one comment about Lee getting dropped on his ass.I personally stand by every post, comment, review, etc. I make - I have posted my contact info (including my phone number) on the MassMMA forum. (Click Here for that Post)Whether I piss someone off, or they become a fan - they're still reading my articles to see what I'll say; and that's what counts.


    MassMMA - Local MMA News, Event Coverage, Interviews, and More


    No reason to seem upset. As you say, you stand by your review which
    is great. I applaud that. I don't think you should waver in your feelings
    towards your writings or you wouldn't be a solid journalist, especially if
    the feelings of one person vary from your own. With that said, I also
    applaud you in acknowledging that your review is biased, it is rare for
    someone to be able to admit that. I admit whole-heartedly that when I
    post, there is a bias towards my writings. In this case however, I believe
    my biasness is surpassed by what I saw in the ring that night and what
    was said at the rules meeting.

    I did enjoy your writing and fight descriptions, they were far better
    than most of what is out there today. I may disagree with the
    description of this fight, but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the
    reads. I don't see a need to call a writer based on a review or "play by
    play" of a fight. That woud be quite a humorous phone call wouldn't
    you think? How would it go?

    *ring ring*

    biggie: hello

    lynn: hey, this is lynn from renzo's

    biggie: what's up?

    lynn: i just read your article and i disagree with your perspective

    biggie: so

    lynn: whatever

    biggie: yeah whatever

    lynn: see ya

    biggie: see ya

    *click click*

    See how silly that might be.

    Keep up the work.


    Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

    After my fight:

    Me: Biggie, you see that terrible flying leglock?

    Biggie: You bet your ass I did, and Im gonna trash you for it.

    In the write-up: "Mosquea gets to his feet. Mosquea tries a takedown from the clinch, Lauzon jumps for the flying heelhook and fails miserably;"

    he doesnt pull punches on anyone....

    LOL. so very true.

    Chris "Biggie" Richard's Pre-Fight Review of

    A Moment of Truth presented by Mario Ramos has been posted at

    Joe...that's true.


    Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF