Mass shooting in Bryan Tx...shooter still at large

The shooter would not be a former manager. They can easily find another White collar job somewhere else and not lose any money.

This was most likely a regular employee. Probably worked there for some time and was fired for reasons he took personal, and decided to come back with a gun to “show 'em”.

Larry is just engaging in the great American past time of going postal.

He didn du nuffin!

Oh he did sumfin. Sumfin real real bad… Allegedly.

So fuck him… Allegedly.

Thats Good Patrick Stewart GIF

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This and they do that to avoid gang shooting stats in mass shootings.

Said no white person ever

Team+-+Bryan+College+Station+-+Tim RIP Tim

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My wife works with the sister of someone that works/worked there. She said it was a huge argument that started it. Not sure if he left and came back or it popped off then and there. I’ve been in the store several times throughout the years.

Rip Tim

Over/Under that he wasn’t identified because he was wearing a mask?

What am I missing here? Old lady dies at home surrounded by family. Larry Bollin mother or something? (same Larry or twitter speculation?)

I’m confused by it too…maybe he was distraught or something