Mass shooting in Buffalo

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[/quote]Officials say the suspect, an 18-year-old white man from Conklin, N.Y., wore body armor and livestreamed the massacre.

Wow, i dont remember the Times and the Post saying “The 61 year old Black man discharged a smoke device before opening fire on the Subway riders” maybe BLM will crawl out from under its rock for this one…

How bout “The Black felon grabbed at the officers weapon before being shot”

Or “The Black woman was run over by a Black man in a neighbors front yard, before the Black man backed up and ran the Black woman over againin the presence of a school bus”

I seem forget the specificity of the skin color the perpetrators during these crimes…



Sort of sus that you and just about every other wingnut on the internet pivot to these sort of “profound” points in reaction to some racist killing a bunch of people to preserve his race, playa.

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RIP to the victims and death penalty for the shooter.


Quoted incorrectly

I’ll help narrow down your “sus” Ace, the double standard gets fucking tiring. I don’t owe anybody 40 acres and a mule pal, and I dare somebody to get my grill for saying that everybody’s life matters.


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Okay Jon.

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No prob Pump

Kid is obviously massive unhinged piece of shit. I glanced at his manifesto. It is intense to say the least. He very deliberately chose Buffalo as a place with neutered gun laws (maglock and hi capacity ban) and low chance of encountering a citizen with CCW. He also acknowledges that this event will have the media weaponise it to push a further anti-gun narrative which was one of his main intents - he wants to divide the country, racially and believes gun advocates vs anti gun advocates will do that.

I also believe this will be the start of a quick attempt to ban citizens from purchasing plates or body armour. This will possibly also heavily sway SCOTUS from their current carry case.


They bought him food because they have to feed people in custody. It can get a case thrown out for a few reasons and it was a small town sheriff who probably didnt want to be the guy that gave Roof a reason to have the case thrown out. People says this BK stuff like it wasn’t just maybe $5 and they treated him to some gourmet meal.




And if it’s Burger King you always have the option of upgrading to onion rings, fuck yeah!


Get what you need from the killer and public execution. This is about as good a time as any to bring it back.

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He doesn’t hold his gun or shoot like an 18 year old untrained internet incel type. Not a ct type but Geesh this child (18 years old is a child) moved and shot like a trained fucking pipe hitter, very odd to say the least.

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How do you know? Is the video actually online? I skimmed that manifesto and he did an intense amount of research on gear so I wondered on his training.

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There is a clip at the top of the thread so there is obviously a whole vid out there

That makes sense. You’ve got to feed him something while he’s in custody. I overthought it haha.


I didn’t watch the whole video but from what I’ve gleamed he got head shots a lot, and from the clips I saw that were edited (I’m over seeing death) he moved smooth, and he holds his hand guard in a way most don’t, I mean he could of easily just watched a bunch of YouTube videos and emulated people but he just seemed so calm, the way he popped out of his car and the way he was talking like it was all just normal shit, it’s spooky. I’ve followed up on every case similar and they all kinda sound crazy or have that kinda feel to them, this child seems way too calculated, it’s just wild. Very very odd. He just doesn’t come off as an 18 year old internet kid. Wild


Because he really just wanted an elaborate excuse to kill people. So he chose an ideology that justifies it



Worthless fuck just shot up a bunch of old people shopping for groceries. Execute the parents too for not seeing this coming.

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Without context this looks really bad… However, if the cops hold someone in custody for more than 3 hours before they transport them to jail and holding they are legally required to provide them with food.

I don’t know how long Roof was held in custody before being turned over to jail, but I’m willing to bet that is why he was given food by the cops… Or do you really think they’re in the habit of buying food for mass killer pieces of shit!?