Mass shooting in Buffalo

Wonder if they could be tried as accessories. Apparently, they bought him his guns.

OK, I found I think a shorter video. Absolutely disgusting. Ho Lee. This guy needs to be studied by 100 lb brains so we can identify these types early. Then the families of those he took need to all get a turn with him with a baseball bat.

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Not even a slight chance! It only strengthens the need for it

Waterboard this mother fucker for information.

Link for that?

I wish Dylan Roof was pushed into a volcano instead of being given food.


Shark Tank Laugh GIF by ABC Network

none of these lives matter

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Detriot, chicago, east st Louis ny, ca where my real g’s at get yo # up.

I’m not linking the vids

but if you want to see it, it is currently the first two videos on theync

Just watched it, that was intense. That first woman in blue… He actually said sorry to the last person he pointed his gun at and didn’t shoot him. Is this a situation where the lunatic was on some kind of prescription drugs for years and his mind developed into what we see in that vid? Too bad he wasn’t shot dead by the police.

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Yes, the shooter is the real victim here. Thoughts and prayers for him

Liberal shithead trolls… We gots lots of them


RIP to the victims

And as ever, a big fuck you to everyone making it a reason to just throw left/right shit again, try and grow at least seven brain cells eh


They should just throw terroists into a big firepit and call it a day. Or at the very least make them live in general populations at prisons if thats the case and let the inmates have at them until they get killed.

Watched the extended video, barely anyone cuts their lawn it seems.

He was finger aiming and followed up on kill/mercy shots.

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He spared the white guy and yelled “sorry”

I can tell who’s handled an AR15 and who hasn’t just by reading some of these comments.

When dialed in, they are laser accurate. You don’t have to be some trained soldier to be able to handle one. Especially when you are shooting people 10 yards away at the most. It’s not that hard or complicated.


Whole Foods has a sign on each door stating that guns are not allowed…


Especially since the one he’s holding is I believe a 20" barrel. Long sight radius, cqb distances. That said, he still looked “trained”. He was pieing corners, went to cover to reload or fix a malfunction. Guessing he didn’t take training classes but probably watched a shitload of youtube and dry fired a lot.