Mass shooting in Buffalo

I just don’t understand the intense hatred for black people.

These types admit they believe jews run their country but this kid writes the N word on his gun and drives to the hood grocery store to kill black people.

Most black people live in poverty and kill other black people. You never see blacks targeting whites in mass shootings like this.

Dude calls us “replacers” but we were brought here as literal slaves and are trying to crawl out the muck.

I don’t get it. At the end of the day what the fuck did we do to ya’ll?


As a white republican I strongly condemn any attack on innocent people, especially racially motivated attacks. There is a serious racial, political, and economic divide in this country and it is high time we addressed it.

I understand your position, but Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected TWICE if white people hated black folks. Hip hop wouldn’t be the number one genre if white folks hated black folks. Movies? Music? NBA? Again, this retarded mentally ill fuckhead does NOT represent the vast majority of white people.


I agree. It’s important to keep things in perspective. What I posted are just my raw feelings when I see shit like this.


That’s dangerous rhetoric. Take a step back.

Let’s all work to condemn these horrific attacks and try to find a solution.

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You are disgusting.

Whst are the chances he supported Trump?

What’s even scarier is this kid is only 18. Racism isn’t dying out.


It’s never dying out. In 10000 years when we’re all the same shade we’ll find another reason to kill people we don’t like or don’t give a fuck about.


For CCW training purposes what would be the lessons learned moving forward in this situation in order to save lives or protect yourself or your family in such a scenario like this one?

Could any of the people shot all of a sudden out of nowhere outside have avoided losing their lives or done anything different (if armed) in any way whatsoever, even though this POS had a rifle, body armor and a helmet etc?

What are the weaknesses tactically of the criminal mass shooter at this point or in the situation? If I was with my family I would run or go in the opposite direction but as a licensed law abiding CCW citizen faced with no other choice but to engage like the retired policeman/Top security what do you do at this point?

What the heck is a CCW 9mm or a .45 acp caliber going to do against body armor or a tactical helmet?

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Fox and CNN are responsible for the decay of America


He wasn’t old enough to vote when Trump ran.

How much could he have supported him at 16 years old?


Lower abdomen, hips, groin, upper thighs, face, throat. As many holes as quickly as possible.

Ballistic helmets stop you from being dead but it’s probably gonna hurt and likely you’ll at least be disoriented for a bit.

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Lol, you can’t become un-racist, you dumb piece of shit. Once a racist always a racist. The only way for you to truly cleanse yourself and pay for your transgressions is to die. How bad do you want forgiveness? Your move.

The shooter Payton Gendron targeted a specific market to kill black people but the day before sat with this guy and talked about origins and CRT? Sounds fishy,




What transgressions are you imagining? Or are you just butt hurt that I called the OG racist?

Well, he COULD offer reparations.

Or if he can’t afford reparations, he could at least offer his services as a foot washer.


Warning: GRAPHIC


Authoritarian leftism.