Massachusetts catch a predator pedo group nabs one

The Pedo Poachers Nabbed Former North Attleboro State Rep Candidate Matt Trowbridge Trying To Get A 14 Year Old Boy To Worship His Balls

Saw the video of the confrontation on Twitter, I googled around. This page I never heard of had lots on the pedo creep. Just happened so more will be coming I’m sure

lol @ worship my balls

I feel like I’d be cool if certain heinous criminals being apprehended or exposed in this fashion was part of the amber alert protocol in a community.

I want to see the faces and names of confirmed shitheads in the neighborhood broadcast to everyone.

My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right,

It's my belief that my big balls, should be held every night

Worship my balls, hmm. I think most men can relate, except only when talking to adults. 


I wonder if it’s true?

Yeah but Twitter factcheckers said pedogate was fake so this can't be real.

Worship my balls is gonna be my go-to catchphrase for a while

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worship my balls put a whole new layer onto this 

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Nothing to see folks 

Have they released the chat logs?

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KennyPowers55 - Have they released the chat logs?

In the article I posted

Nice, I hope the pedo gets punished

I’m stil like hacked at the amount of YouTube groups out there that are constantly catching these Pedos… I mean, are there any legit cases where 12 year old boys or girls go online to meet creepy old guys for sex? They can’t all be decoy setups

I will definitely be using "worship my balls."

Kill him and be done with it. 

SpunQ - 



I am the FURTHEST thing from gay but… DAMN… that’s pretty hot!!!

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One of these vigilante groups busted my cousin's ex roomate. This is him lol. Dude apparently packed up and fled to Florida the day after people found the video.

He drove to CT at like 1 am to meet a 14 year old he was playing Fortnite with to "hang out". Hopefully never comes back around here again, I only met him once and he just seemed like a normal nerd/loser type.

Also it says he's 25 or he said that in the video, but he was really like 33 or something

Galanis -

Also it says he's 25 or he said that in the video, but he was really like 33 or something

Just watched that, what a POS. Did he ever get charged with a crime by law enforcement?

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