Massive Data Hack

Check your passwords fuckers.

With a collection that exceeds its 12-year-old namesake by more than 262 times, this leak is comparable to the Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB), the largest data breach compilation ever. Its 3.2 billion leaked passwords, along with passwords from multiple other leaked databases, are included in the RockYou2021 compilation that has been amassed by the person behind this collection over several years.

Considering the fact that only about 4.7 billion people are online, numbers-wise the RockYou2021 compilation potentially includes the passwords of the entire global online population almost two times over.


Not surprised:(

No way they figured mine out!
I changed the “E” to a “3”.
Nice try China!


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Unhackable right there!
There’s not enough computing power in the world to get that login info.