Thanks for clearing that up. Si similar to the Government not imposing National masks or shutting down but rather left it to the states to decide then some states letting business to decide. Kind of like that?

yeah similar to letting up to individual states, but all they really need is for the major sports franchises, the major concert venue operators and airlines to require it and it will basically be mandated for the vast majority of people
that’s how they will pull it off at first.

but that’s basically a blm protest, s’all good

And who is THEY here? US Government?

yeah “they” is whoever is doing it. it’s not just one group… but they are organized through a network of financing/media channels and ideology solidarity

so i just prefer to use THEY instead of typing out:
John Hopkins Public Health
Bloomberg Health Policy
Zuckerberg Chan Initiative
illuminated Jesuits

etc. etc.

Just wanting to know who they might be who want national passports

conspiracy theorists are a huge problem and will be going forward due to the emancipation and speed of informatic travel.
they need to have as many CONTROL POINTS in place to keep these people in line
maybe you have noticed but more and more people are conspiritard… they are gaining steam everyday… so like i said they need to be reigned in.
that was one of the costs of liberating information… huge swathes would get access to info, while others would just blindly follow the algorithm

the goal is to get everyone to follow the algorithm. for example if you want to eat sometihng, google will just suggest it to you. you don’t think anymore, you follow the algo. so if google thinks u should eat a cum filled burrito, u should do it.

The CDC is a bag of shit that should have been shut the fu k down 40 years ago !

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OMG how dare those people make their own decisions? The horror!

the whole thing is one big shit show

love child of truman show and stepford wives

If we live in fear the terrorists/liberals win