Master Cleanse? N E one try this?

I was thinking of trying the Master Cleanse(the lemon/cayenne pepper and maple syrup one) just to give the insides a cleaning after a year or two of horrible dietary habits.

Anyone have any experience with this? The no coffee is pretty daunting I must say.

 Lots of people on here will tell you it does nothing and is terribly un-healthy. I have done if for ten days and felt amazing afterward. I was never hungry and had tons of energy through the whole thing. I was a little weak but I think that was because I wasn't drinking enough. I was trying to get rid of my Excema with it but I never made it long enough. 

If you try it you will be amazed at how good you will feel during the cleanse. 

I'm starting on Monday so I can taper down my caffeine intake between now and then. I'm pretty excited.

I will try to post my thoughts as it's happening.

There is NO such thing as cleansing your either detoxify or to clean out your intestines/colon. This is proven by researchers and physicians.
The body cleanses itself....why people feel better is because they eat better while they are "detoxifying".
In regards to cleaning out your intestines/colon....there is no such thing either. Food does not cake to the inside of the intestines because you eat bad. This is backed by gastroenterologist who state that "cleanses" are a quack & make no sense at all.




it's quackery. i think after 2000 years it's finally time to drop the toxins/bile/green phlegm/blue phlegm bullshit. I mean this was cutting edge vis a vis the Greeks, but they weren't even the best doctors in the ancient world (that would have been the Egyptians, who knew anatomy from dissecting human bodies, something which was forbidden to Greeks).

unhealthy and not needed

Go for it man, what's the worst thing that can happen? Just stay awake and learn from the experience, however it turns out. Sometimes you gotta try things even if they don't make perfect sense, just to learn.

Be it as it may with the "cleansing" and "detoxing", but I am a believer in fasting. When the body is less loaded down with all the shit we put in our mouths around the clock, there is a sensation of rest, calm and clarity. To me it makes sense. Whenever you eat, a lot of organs and systems must work to process that stuff. Sometimes they haven't even finished getting rid of one meal before we cram in the next one. Of course the body needs fuel, but it can't hurt to take a load off the whole chain of processing once in a while.

I did it only water for 10 days. Felt amazing afterwards and didnt crave any of the vices I once had. havent done it in a long time though cause its not the best experience lol.