Master Fukuda:Judo History?

It looks like I'm going to get the opportunity to interview 93 year old judo Master Fukuda, who studied directly under Jigoro Kano and whose grandfather was one of the two primary jujutsu masters who taught Kano from which he devised judo. Does anyone have any history questions they might like asked?


That is pretty amazing. I cannot wait to read your threads about it. Two things......

1) why the shorts and shoes in Kano's early book?

2) How old is the kneebar (that we know today)?

I just 'deleted' a very stupid and insensitive question! I did not know that Master Fukuda was a women. My stupidity knows no bounds. I kid you not! No bounds!



Ask her about the changes in judo after the American occupation at the end of WWII.

Ask her about Kano's views on kata.

Great questions, Bull.

Ask her feelings on judo becoming more sport oriented than combat oriented.
What does she feel is missing from that early era that she would like to see more of & what she likes about the current era compared to the old days.


I had to amend my above reply. Out of respect. Forgive me.



I would like to know about any of the early matches between such arts like Judo and boxing, Judo vs catch and so on. I would also like o hear her opinion on Pride fighters, bjj, and no-gi judo as well as the difference between the sport judo of today and the martial art oriented judo.

thanks guys, I appreciate your input

ask her as of date who is the best shes ever seen.