Master K?

Anybody got any info on him?

Master K is my Muay Thai  Instructor. He is an awesome teacher & very passionate about Muay Thai. What specifically do you want to know???


Mike Constantino

AMA Fight Club/Team Renzo Gracie

He's my coach as well. I've been training under Master K since '92. He excels at teaching the basics of sport MuayThai, and its hard to find anyone more passionate about the sport than him....

Do you know his record in Muay Thai Competition? Thanks.


It was something like 70-5, to his best recollection...

And like Ryukyu asked, why? Does it matter?

A little bit off topic, but is there anywhere to get copies of some of his fights? I've got one of his DVD's, and would love to see some of his fights.

Something that Master K really regrets is the almost complete lack of "media" of his fighting career. He only has 1 photograph from his days as a fighter in Thailand....

....and absolutely no video. Mind you, he was retired from the ring before most of us were even born. If I remember correctly, he was retired by the mid-60's.

The only other photo's he has are of a demo he performed in NYC in the early 70's. They are the 1st five videos of the following photo album:

Someone is about to catch a nasty elbow in that pic.

I love that pic! That particular elbow strike was one of K's favorite tactics....

I don't think Master K sells any of his product on ebay, and "black belts" definitely weren't part of his merchandise! He sells instructional books & videos.

I don't think there is anything we can do about someone selling "black belts" on ebay with the name Master K, as I don't think he's the only person who uses that name, unfortunately.

I did a search on ebay for "Master K", "MuayThai +Black Belt" and did not find anything.....