Master Text 8 DVD Series

Can someone give a complete review of this 8 dvd series by Gene Simco?

Its supposed to cover all aspects of the bjj game include no go and vale tudo.

I checked the reviews on the website but they wee too general. Anyone who has the dvds and time to post complete review please do so.


Shen is the only person on this site that trains with Gene, so I would wait for his opinion. Where are you Shen?

Before u get confused by subtle trolling = STAY AWAY!

Gene Simco buys his belts. He sucks. It would be money wasted. Try Sperry Master Series 1

can someone post that vid where grandmaster simco is showing proper
"technique" for the rnc.

A got sucker into buy his crap and I must say don't do it. I did before I trained and wanted to see what BJJ was all about. He's stuff is not good - there is way better stuff out there.

I, too, bought one of his sets. Not bad, but there is so much better out there. Gene needs to update his materials and offer more realistic pricing.

Of course I bought a new Fiat 128 back in the day, when they were still sold over here. So my judgment is historically poor.

^I always knew u had a shred of decency in u^