Master Text reduced price....

Gene Simco's Master Text Second Edition is available at for only $49 + s/h. The price has been dropped from the original price of $69.

To order online go to:


Have you seen Gene's DVD's? If so, then what belt level would you say they are for?

I've seen parts of one, but basically they are beginner level.

I have about 75% of all your tapes, so I was worried about the overlap of material. If Gene shows the escaping method that you have been talking about, then it might be worth picking up the DVD's. Maybe Gene will reply if he sees this.


i just finished watching gene's DVDs. i'm a blue belt w/ approximately 2 1/2 year's exp.

none of the moves were unfamiliar to me. like bolo, he takes basic techniques and polishes them. there many little details that i found helpful throughout.

if your looking for "new" moves, this is not for you.

i try to stick to the basics as much as possible, so this set was beneficial to me.

Andy Kaufman,

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking for any "new" moves. I am just looking to refine the high percentage moves that everyone uses. If he adds lots of little details to the most common moves, then it would probably benefit me.

I ordered based on Andy's review. I will post my thoughts when I see them.

so eel,

what did you think?


I thought they were ok. There were some good details in the DVD's, but he left some details out that I thought were important. Gene did stress that these are starter DVD's. I thought that they were worth the money. I got a few nice tips that I would probably get out of a private for the same amount of money.