Masterclass books

I live in Australia and the importer has stopped bringing these books into the country.

Anyone know where I could get them - new or used? Have emailed Ippon-USA (publishers) but I have not received a reply.

Thanks in advance


Lia is superb.

thanks dynamo

bigbrando - It's expensive $45 (Australian Dollars)

Do you train in Sydney?

no actually I'm out west (yes the furthest possible city). I actually got in contact with the Ippon-USA guy. They are closing up shop and are discounting a lot of things but pity they don't have the books I'm after.

Uchimatafan I'm assuming you're in Sydney?

Actually have risen their prices up. One book used to cost $20. One book is now $22. still sells them at $20 a piece.

Britain's has them , but not the original

Thanks everyone for the info. Much appreciated!

Significantly cheaper on as well