Masterful Living


Why are proper mechanics or breathing or maserful living....not intuitive. Or...if they are... what factors block us from this innate ability?

I read this and it sounds like a stupid question,but I am having sons soon and I am curious about minimizing loss of innate ability. Also,I am still alive and trying to recover or build good behavior and would like to minimize negative input.

I know fear reactivity is a big factor and I believe I have been exposed to some tools to work on this with...are there others.

I hope that you understand what I am asking better than I am articulating it.

Thanks in advance,
PS. I read the post about flow...errorless learning...prereflective state...maybe if I mull this over while it will answer my question. Still anything more you have to say about this will be appreciated.


Im going to let this incubate. I appreciate it very much. Very much.