MASTERING THE TWISTER on sale NOW! 50% off today!


MASTERING THE TWISTER DVD IS OUT NOW!!! Plus all my back attacks and my complete monkey mount game! BUY TODAY AND TODAY ONLY AND GET 50% OFF!!!


Just picked it up! Can't wait to get it Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

They are selling like hot cakes! Thank you all for the support! :) Phone Post

I was thinking it was Mastering the Rubber Guard.... rats!


More than likely buying it before the end of the day.. I'll be back in the gym in a month and this is a great way to get my mindset back and learn a lot of things.. Thank you Sir Bravo! Phone Post

Got it and a pair of shorts with the money I saved! Phone Post

You really should extend it one more day for those who get paid tomorrow!

Oh well, I still bought your mastering the rubberguard book :) Phone Post

What this has like 5 posts..

Eddie I'm on dang phone. Once I see computer if still 24 hr rule Phone Post

ill just put this here

It won't let me order from Canada?

The order cannot be processed. The shipping rate service did not provide rates because of a problem and no other shipping is available to the address you provided. Please return to checkout and try again or contact the store administrator.