Masters in Exercise Sci/Phys

Anyone here have a Masters or PhD in exercise field.
I am trying to find schools in the tri-state area that offer MS degrees in Exercise Phys, but my search is not really turning up anything. I have tried to call deans of schools that offer BS degrees and ask what they recommend their students, but not one returned phone call.

The reason I ask, is that I would like to pursue a career working with Obese patients and those with Hypertension to help them get back on track. Creating Diet/Exercise plans for them.

Thanks for your help and input.

Tri-state area...which 3 states might that be? U mean New York, New Jersey, PA?

It's NY, New Jersey, and Conn.

yes the NJ/NY/PA/Conn area.

I graduated from Rutgers with a BS in Biotechnology. And unfortunatly Rutgers only offers a BS in exercise science. No graduate study

East Stroudsburg University in PA (near Jersey border) has a master's program in exercise science. You can also get a concentration in Cardiac Rehab. if interested. That's where I got my BS in Kines.
They have a good program that throws you right into using the lab equipment, etc. I thought every school's program would do that, but apparently not. I talked with some graduates from other schools and they said they never got the chance to really do anything hands on.

Penn State also has a master's and PhD program in Kinesiology I believe. I was told they have the best kinesiology program in the country. Vladimir Zatsiorsky is a professor there...he's one of the best.

Also, check out UConn. William Kraemer is a prof. there...he's one of the best as well.

Oh yeah....

Thanks alot for the help. I'll check out those sites, I am alos thinking about going back to Rutgers as a non-matriculated student to take some exercise science classes..

Temple University in Philadelphia has both.