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The 2006 International Masters and Seniors

ADCC news had a small article, but no complete info:

The 2006 International Masters and Seniors is completed and the winner is BJJ! The 2-day event had the preesence of many of the top instructors and fighters from all over the World all competing in evergreen fashion against each other.

Some notable winners: Jorge 'Macaco' defeated Muzio De Angelis to win the Masters Medium-heavy, Fabio Gurgel won thee Heavy Weight in the Senior 1, Omar Salum won the Masters Super-feather while Megaton won Senior 2 feather closing out the bracket with teammate Henrique Simao. Pedro Duarte defeated Mike Weaver int he Master Heavy. Weaver, who trains under Claudio Franca has been training under Comprido in Rio and got promoted to Black Belt this week to compete in the Masters!

Cleber Luciano took gold in the Lightweight Masters and Nelson Monteiro returned to the Brazilian mats to win his 3 matches and capture Gold in the Senior 1 medium weight and Kawaii's Bruno 'Longmen' won his division. Amal Easton won his division and took 3rd int he Absolute Senior 1 losing to Fabio Gurgel in the semi's!

A special personal congratulations to my friend Steve English, who captured Gold in the weight and Absolute Blue Belt Senior 3

Congratulations to all participants and especially the winners!

Amal Easton from Denver, CO Won his weight by finishing 4 opponants and got 3rd in the blackbelt Absolute losing by points to legand Fabio Gurgel