Masters Tournament in Brazil ?

Im going down to Rio for the upcoming masters tournament, any one
else here going?

do you know if you need to pre-register, I have sent emails and tried

any info is appreciated.

You should pre-register, but if you didnt, they will accomodate when you get down there.

2 Guys from my school left today for Masters (one is my instructor).

Is this an annual tournament?, I'm going down about this time next year and would like to compete at a big event in Brazil

Hey bro, I'm living thrusday, I also try to register, called them every day for a week (no answer) and sent them 15 emails (theri email address dosen't work), so no luck, so hopefully I'll get to register the day before.

What are you traveling from?




Thanks everyone for the help, I was able to register

Mad Lurker yes it is an annual event

I did get through on phone and got all the info and preregistered

you go to this website

it is in english it has a fill form for registration that you submit right
through the site,

then when you get to Rio you have to stop by thier office to pay the
registration fee. it took 2 minutes total.
The guy I talked to said not to wait until I get there to register.

He also said you wiegh in with Gi on so now Ill be competing up one

Im traveling from NY and staying in Copa.


I've entered the competition the last three is a great tournament. I have to skip this year, but they always hold it at the end of August.

I plan on returning again next year. Good luck!


I was leaving today, Got my Visa, plane ticket and all and last Thur nite I broke three ribs traing with a beginner....SUCKS.........

Never train with white belts before a competition, man!!

Sorry to hear about that.

i have not been at my own school, but I was at Soneca's and Jucau asked me to spar with him,big mistake..........

good luck everyone, wish I was there

You will have fun.....

Registered in person today, they had me refill out a form,then need a passport type photo and a photocopy of passport itself.

after three trips to different area stores \i got everything done, but did not recieve my competitor id
Others were getting theres, they told me I didnt need it so hopefully Im good to gop on Saturday.

I have a little bit of weight to gain (15 lbs)so we are heading out in a little bit to sample the nightlife

Cool, my friend register me so I got to fight;)

Thanks guys.