Masters with a 2.8 GPA?

Medical technology major, going for minor in biochemistry
with a 2.8 GPA, mostly attributed to an F in Calculus, D in Physics I, and a D in Organic Chemistry I.

Now I wanna get into the neuroscience Masters program at the same school, should I just look forward to serving fries?

Masters programs like to take money. You are pretty sure to get in if you did your undergrad there. You need to find out who are on the evaluating committee and get somebody to pull for you. You may want to consider retaking those classes as well.

Summer sessions they will often let whoever can pay take the classes, you can use that to get contacts in the department.

I'm going to be applying to grad school next year and was wondering about this. I figured overall GPA would be a little more important just because everyone's major GPA is better.

It was my GPA for undergrad, and I got in. As was mentioned good GRE's and being able to bullshit people in interviews is more important (I have found).

you do have to be able to sell yourself to the school, making contacts can take yo a long way