I was wondering if Masturbation is a sin. I remember receiving a sermon about the topic but my Japanese at the time wasn't too good. And I also remember a past friend of mine , who was a Jeasus freak, told me it was. Is it just what you might be thinking about it when you doing the activity that's a sinful like lust?

Lust, like every excess, will take its toll.

But to masturbate is not a sin. Actualy, most women need to masturbate to learn to have an orgasm. Even if they are married.

If someone believes that to masturbate is to sin, then he must believe also that sex exists only to procreate.

Should I ttt my contraception thread? ;^)

ND, are you meaning that to masturbate is a contraceptive method? :-p

No, not at comment was in response to your "then he must believe also that sex exists only to procreate.' big deal really...

:-p means "just kidding".


By the way, the (i)logic behind my post is something like:

Sex gives pleasure.
Sex makes babies.
Masturbation gives pleasure.
Masturbation doesn´t make babies.

If masturbation is a sin, than to have pleasure is a sin. Therefore, sex to have pleasure is also a sin. Therefore, sex exists only to make babies.

that scripture has nothing to do with masturbation, but is regarding a man not producing an heir for his brother, and in so doing trying to incur his fathers inheritence for himself.

Onan was sinful not for spilling his seed on the ground, but for refusing to put his seed in his brothers wife. If she would have had a child, it would have been his brothers heir, and since he was the son of the first born, all of Onan's fathers wealth would have been given to him, instead of Onan.

The bible never says masterbation is a sin, however lusting for someone you are not married to, is adultery of the mind. So if you can scratch that itch without lusting after someone you are not married to, I don't think its a problem.

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rev, this is a classic example of what I was talking with Josh about on my "Protestants: How do you know..." thread.

I interpret this verse differently (i.e. as a condemnation of artificial birth control). How do we know which one of us is right??

I had a comment, but this thread reminded me I have to go..uh...kinda do something...:-)



I don't know what your point is in regard to this thread, however it only takes one to actually read the whole story and see that this is true. If the church wants to take this out of context to make it mean birth control of any form is wrong as is masterbation, it may do that, but it is a horrible exegesis of scripture to say it is a good translation.

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The Church does not base it's stance on birth control on this passage at all. The Church's stance on birth control is based on Natural Law.

Always seemed like a gray area in general. However nowadays it seems like pornography is almost inseperable from it for most.

Many churches do, including the Catholic church, this is the scripture that was given to me by catholic priests in Religion class at Notre Dame high school, for birth control and masterbation issues. And by the teacher in my morality class again at Notre Dame highschool. It is not the only reason, but it is the only scriptural reason.

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Rev, I can't explain what/why you were told by your schools, but if I remember correctly, this verse isn't even mentioned in Humanae Vitae, which is a GREAT way to understand the Church's teachings. I've read it once, and will be reading it again over the weekend, but if I remember correctly...not even a mention of it.

Then there is no mention of bible verses at all.

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Does that mean that every act which is immoral is mentioned in the Bible?

Never said that, just said the only biblical reference ever given for birth control and masterbation is the one above.

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