Masvidal & Covington talk to Rogan


If Colby is smart he wrestle fucks him…


How tall is Rogan,Masvidal is 5’11 and he dwarfs Rogan

Hes an oddly shaped little fella


Is that Rogan?lol


In high heels he will be tall enough to kiss down to you…

This picture is friggin hilarious

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At times I feel like Colby and Jorge might really hate each other but it almost seems like when they’re in close proximity they can’t help but to smile when talking shit.

I am 5 11 and a half i have met Joe several times after comedy shows id say 5 8 or 9

If its a work, then brilliant… Very good actors…

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Joe with DC, and DC is under 6 foot…

Lol !!! That pic is phenomenal

It’s 100% a work

That laugh by Mas at press conference face off was a dead giveaway to me… he cracked up like they were homies then switched to mean mug

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Joe is also wearing lifts in his shoes for this pic