Masvidal vs. Wisneiski online now

go to

click on episodes...

go to episode one...

then to the right there should be a play list...

it will say round 1, round 2, round 3.....

that is the fight.....will watch soon....


I thought it wasn't even close. Fun fight to watch.

Wisneiski was robbed.


Thompson, did you see it on sih up there, or on the web?


good fight. was the ring set up in the middle of a jungle? i kept waiting for monkeys to swing down and assault jorge and keith with coconuts.

The monkeys were all from Milwaukee....

In the underground section there is a 'bootleg' version of the fight, shot from the rafters, no announcements just the jungle crowd....

There is tons of material on the site about this one fight - they just added that.



That was a Robbery

I thought Keith wo it. Sometimes I really wonder about scoring and what the judges are watching.

It was a close fight, but I was shocked when I heard the decisions of the other judges. It was close, but seemed pretty straight forward to me. I guess that is why they have judges sitting on three sides of the ring.



I just rewatched the fight. The first round was closer than I remembered but there is no doubt in my mind that Keith won it. And as for the Canadian scoring the second round for Masvidal, I can ony assume he thought Keith was Jorge adn vice verda. Stupid canadians. They also have some messed up Bacon.

When I heard the decision, I instictively started looking around for Don King.....

The rest of the show is fucking hot -

ttt for Jorge and crew!

People are gonna love it! In a totally heterosexual way, of course.....

Whats up fellas. My fight impression:
Watching the fight live, I knew it was close. Round 1 I felt Jorge won it but at the time it could have been a toss up. Round 2 I thought Keith had it. Round 3 I saw Jorge winning it.

Now, after rewatching the fight several times, I see Jorge winning rounds 1 and 3, round 2 is very close and can see it going either way.

Here is my fight recap by bodog round time.

Round 1: Up until 2:30 into the fight Jorge is in control of the fight on his feet, landing punches to the head and body. Then Keith gets the takedown and holds Jorge down, only landing three or four body punches from Jorges guard. Then at the 45 second mark, Jorge and Keith engage in takedown scramble that Jorge ends up on top of and finishes the round in control.

I don't see how people can say Jorge was dominated in round 1. If you look at the round by damage, Jorge inflicted way more than Keith. If you look at the round by control of the fight, Jorge was in control of the fight for close to 3 minutes while Keith had control for about a minute and a half. If you look at who had intent to finish, Jorge was the only one really striking, Keith was just trying to hold Jorge more than strike.

Round 2: Jorge starts up landing punches head and body again. At 4:30 in, Keith engages a clinch and works Jorge down into the mat behind him with no hooks. At 4:00, Keith lands two knees to the body and then Jorge turns into him and is holding a single while Keith is sprawled over. Jorge stands up with it and Keith escapes at 3:38. Jorge lands a couple jabs, lands one solid right. Keith clinches at 3:00, delivers a couple of knees and ends up on top behind Jorge 2:38. Keith tries to put in hooks and Jorge grabs a single leg again at 1:58. Jorge stands up with it at 1:27 and Keith defends and sprawls out at 1:17. Keith starts striking some hammer fists to body and head. At 0:55 in, Jorge works the single leg again. They scramble until 0:40 where Jorge finishes on top. Jorge starts landing body and head punches from Keith's guard until 0:20. They rest out the rest of the round.

This is definitely close. A lot of takedown scrambles, with Jorge holding single legs while Keith sprawling out. For brief moments Keith is able to get a good position and strike with it before Jorge scrambles out. I felt Jorge managed to land the better strikes this round.

Round 3: Standup action with Jorge clearly winning the boxing match. Keith clinches at 3:38. Lands some knees and a body punch and gets the takedown at 3:10. Keith lands in half guard, tries to pressure, Jorge replaces into open guard. Keith throws a couple of left hands missing, at 2:10 Jorge stands up with a single leg. Long scramble, at 1:27 Jorge finishes on top. Jorge finishes the round on top landing lots of blows body and head.

This round I felt was pretty clear cut for Jorge. He was in control of the beginning and end of the round landing solid punches. Keith controlled the middle of the round without dealing any punishment.

Overall, I believe 29-28 in favor of Jorge is the correct decision. Jorge winning rounds 1 and 3 - Keith edging out round 2.

What a total BS decision.

A fair warning to those that have not seen the fight. Make sure that you do not eat solid food for at least 12 hours before, because the decision will make you vomit!!!!