Masvidal.. what’s next?!

After the very one-sided loss to Usman what’s next for Jorge? Does he even plan on fighting again? How much of that star power does he have left? Who should he fight next?

Leon re Dana

Colby, ex training partners who love to talk trash and both got finished by the champ.

I wish Nate again? Maybe fight wont get called early.

It would end bad for masvidal, back to prelims

Leon and then we’ll never hear from him again

The Leon Edwards that just fought Diaz would be fifty/fifty against Masvidal.

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I’d like to see a chiesa rematch at 170.


Looks like that 15 minutes is up.

I wouldn’t mind a Nate rematch.

Hmm that’s an interesting matchup . I really don’t know who to pick there

Rumor mill is Nick Diaz or Covington are the next fights he wants

Nick is fighting Robby

He was in the crowd with Nunes for the AEW show maybe a pro wrasslin career is next, Dan Lambert took some sort of move in the ring

If they’re smart, Masvidal gets a winnable fight on the same card as Diaz-Lawler and then goes on to fight the winner.