Mat black cars look ridiculous

I LOL when I see one of these abominations. Have we run out of nice colors to paint cars? Phone Post 3.0

I was thinking of painting my car Matt black. Needs a paintjob fairly soon and I plan on selling it in the next few years so I thought it would be easier to sell it to some kid.

I love matte black on old muscle cars and pickups.

You have to earn the Black. Matte Black was never meant for a Dodge Dart. Audi R8 in Matte Black...jizz....

I disagree respectfully. Lots of the rich Asian kids have their 100k cars in matte black.. And it makes me rage.

These are college kids Phone Post 3.0

Depends on the car.

Most cars don't look good but some do if they have other work done. Phone Post 3.0

fuck mat black, fukin faggot owes me 12 bux. painted his car MATTE black and he never paid me. sumbitch.

I think it looks pretty sweet actualu Phone Post 3.0

I think it looks alright, then again when you live in butt Fuck nowhere you never see many nice cars Phone Post 3.0

all matte balck if fucking stupid. you need some gloss and color accents to bring it out more and ad depth and texture. 

I have heard maintenance is difficult. I keeps my Caddy black glossy.

P749 - 

Yes sir! C63BS

They do look pretty tacky, could look good if you're going for the bat mobile look lol Phone Post 3.0

joesonshuevos -

I have heard maintenance is difficult. I keeps my Caddy black glossy.

You just have to keep lotion on the edges so it doesn't look ashy Phone Post 3.0

They seem to look ok in photos but up close they usually have smudges that make them look dirty and stupid. Phone Post 3.0

I saw a dark gray m5 with a matte finish yesterday. I was impressed. Phone Post 3.0