Mat Madness comp in San Diego

Just posting this for Coach Lafon, he is holding a modified newaza tourney, and wants all grapplers to come. here is a link to the full details:

RULES: "... is strictly a ground grappling event with submissions and Judo pins. Arm locks (wrist, elbow and shoulder), non twisting leg locks (ankle, knee and hip) and all chokes are allowed. Competitors begin each match facing each other and kneeling on one or both knees. Competitors will be warned for passivity. With the third warning, the referee will stop the match, place the guilty party on his fours with his opponent to the side or behind, and resume the match. In the event of lack of progress from both competitors, they will be asked to resume the match from the starting position. Matches are won by making your opponent submit or by pinning him for 25 seconds."

This is a fun little tourney. I've done it twice and always had a great time. Too bad I just had knee surgery and wont be able to make this one. I will pass the info off to our team though.

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