Mat Methods DVD is here...vid clip

The youtube link seems to be having problems you can try this one above.

Our DVD is ready and will be available on several sites soon. 25% off right now, just $14.99 with free shipping.  Right now it's just available at the link below.  Features BTT-ATT-Gracie Barra-Cobra Kai and several other schools as well.  over 90 minutes, tons of technique, rolling, interviews, fight highlights etc.  Interested in hearing any feedback

Ok, hopefully this works video clip works out

Line up is:
Ed Beneville, Sim Go and Sonny Nohara of Cobra Kai,
Daniel Montanha Lima-Gracie Barra, Brazilian Top Team 1/2 guard seminar w/ Adriano Nasal, Moacir Boca Oliveira-American Top Team, Marcos Avellan-Freestyle Fighting Academy, Roy Harris and Roy Dean plus
Exclusive Black Belt division fight highlights...


Looks good and you can't beat the price.

Just ordered mine!


Tools of the Trade 1 & 2 were AWESOME!!!  just ordered this one

can this be ordered by money order??? tried to email this address ( to place an order and it came back to me. for e-mail

Looks good. Order on the way!

Just ordered it now.

I will post a review when I see it.

Looks good, think I'll check it out.


Nice! TTT!

You're only saying it's nice because you and Mr. Harris are featured on it. LOL




Thanks for the bumps up top

First batch of orders went out yesterday (Wed)


double legs the postman

Dammit Paul, I was just got my Mat Methods this week, and was hoping to suprise you with some stuff next time...don't watch the Cobra Kai or Boca sections, they're not good at all! ;)

Glad you found some good stuff, hopefully you like the rest of it. There are some good moves on the 1/2 guard seminar. Since you probably won't be able to surprise each other in class, at least you can get your classmates! FYI, Nasal is a nickname and he's actually named Adriano Pereira, 3-1 record listed in the sherdog database. any questions, feel free to e-mail us at