Mat Methods Review

Ok---here is my objective thoughts. For $14.00 or so--it was not too bad. First, I was impressed with the BTT 2 part series with techniques as well as ATT. Now, I was disappointed with the rest of the camps they featured b/c they did not show enough of how they taught their techniques. Most of the time they showed 1-2 techniques and that was all. The interviews could have been better rather than focus on giving information about their school and who they have fought. It would have been better to understand how they prepare for a fight, their thoughts before a competition, training strategies, etc.

The sparring sessions filmed were good but could have been shorter to focus on techniques--hence the name of the DVD----MAT METHODS.

The packaging itself was terrible----it had a very simple cover with the title printed from a computer and no writing on the DVD indicating the title.

Next time Greenwhale---try and focus on the school and instructor's methodology, ok?

Anyone else purchase this DVD--your thoughts?

I liked it. For $14, I can deal with the plain case and DVD, however, it kept telling me to clean it when I was watching the sections on the 2nd page.

Overall, worth the money...

Anyone notice how Roy Dean and Brad Hirakawa both taught with the same energy as Roy Harris? I got a kick out of that!

I enjoyed the DVD.


AirRaiser, I agree with you. I was disappointed in the DVD to be honest. It was only $14 so I can't be too critical, however it really felt rushed. Not much time devoted to instruction. Simon Go's "instructional" section couldn't have been more than 1-2 mins. long. I would like to have seen a lot more time devoted to instuction. But again, for the price I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5.

I agree.  The Price is good but I can't play the 2nd menu at all.

So far the stuff I've seen doesn't look high level, not the instruction anyway. 

I loved global II with Ricardo Pires moves and Shawn Williams among others.  I thought they were very good.  This one was disappointing.  Again though I haven't seen it all because my disc has a problem.

Thank you all for your response--

However, did you guys flip over the DVD to get to the 2nd menu? I did not even see that part. The last thing I see is the outro.

I can play the second menu, but I am having "glitchy" problems with some of the chapters (as I would with a dirty or scratched disc).

With that said, the content I have watched was good, especially for $14.

One of my students told me "Roy Dean does the same thing YOU do--he rolls really slowly and patiently. I see how you both emulate Roy Harris in that way."

Mat Methods DVD: $14

Getting compated to both Roy Dean AND Roy Harris in one breath: Priceless.


Hey guys, thanks for the input. We've had a couple of guys e-mail us telling us they had problems playing the stuff on the second menu. Please, e-mail us at and you will get a replacement sent out to you.

Wow, it's too bad this thing is getting such bad reviews, greenwhales stuff is usually good.

Just went back to check on the techniques, I think 19 techniques is a fair amount of moves for the DVD.

Personally I like the sparring footage. That's the one thing that could have made Tools of the Trade 1 and 2 better. They were packed with a ton of techniques but a lot of people learn more from sparring footage sometimes, so I think you get a good blend of both with this one.

Interviews with the guys are always tricky. These people give their time pretty much in exchange for publicity and promotion. We typically talk a little before to get an idea of what they want to talk about and we go from there. I admit, the actual interviews aren't usually my favorite part to watch on these DVD's.

Is this DVD better than Tools of the Trade 2? Admittedly no, that one is on some near classic status. haha.

remember, anyone with problems with that 2nd menu, e-mail


I wouldn't say it's getting bad reviews. For my part, I like the DVD. I just had some technical difficulties. :)


First the bad- it doesnt play on my computer's dvd player or my ps2, but at least it played on my other dvd player.

I thought the dvd was pretty cool. For what it is and how much bjj dvds are, I think it is a good deal.

The instruction is ok and so are the interviews, but I think the dvd really earns its keep with the sparring footage. Those cobra kai guys have some serious game.

After watching most of the DVD, I must now point out a goofy typo:

I did not realize that my buddy Brad Hirakawa also teaches a technique on the video, because the menu says "Brian Kirasawa" instead of "Brad Hirakawa". Once you click on the chapter, it shows his real name.

Yeah, I thought the sparring footage was a very nice addition to the DVD. Keep it up!