Mataleo1 Appreciation thread

There you go

Change that to “F THE OG - Mataleo1 by KO” (uppercase and lowercase)


I’ll make the recommended changes (but with that font there is no lower case letters)

I’ll post the images separately too (Logo separate and Image with Logo and Image without logo)

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What do you think about the color of the shirt? With the lack of color in the sketch (it looks great so don’t get that twisted) I was thinking it might need a little pop?

What’s the latest and greatest with the shirts? I’m ready to cut the sleeves off for summer!

I’m trying to slim down so that I can be worthy of that shirt!


I was at 202 in March. I’m down to 187 now. My shorts fit again!!

lmao @ the en passant bit and Hikaru in Levy’s locket.

Excellent poster, answered a lot of questions I put to him and was never condescending even when I was way off the mark with what I thought was right. Definitely one of the top men here.


Did we decide on a design. Someone send it to me … best as an svg file … although I can convert it

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I think that last pic is perfect. Not sure if anyone can change the font (I wouldn’t put all upcases) but if not, it’s still awesome

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Yeah above but put the logo on the opposite side imo. Either on that upper back (lower neck) or on the left breast where a pocket would be. The design in the middle either front or back.


You guys like that idea? Simple but to the point?

Let’s get T Bentley and mat 1 to make the final call.
I saw one with colour
Are we doing that or black and white ?

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Yeah I agree completely. Just some ideas.

You guys wanna know something pretty funny…?

I’m wearing my JT appreciation shirt right now!

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OG logo on 1 side
Trudeau decapitation on the other side

I like this one:

If someone can change the font for: “F - The OG - Mataleo1 by KO” that would be great, but no biggie!

Thx all

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so this is what “skip chest day errryday” looks like


I do chest stuff once a week. I like squats and deadlifts way more so I do those and swim more.

I don’t really try very hard on chest and arm days to be honest. Ha!

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