Matamoros Jiu Jitsu Morning Classe

Henry has started running morning classes 6:00am to 7:00am Monday -Thursday. So far the classes are pretty small (Me and Henry) so it's like getting free private lessons (which is nice). This is a good opportunity for anyone that can't work out in the evenings or that prefers to workout in the morning. For more info contact Henry....His contact info is on his web site

kinda early?

It's an awesome way to start your day though....the class is starting to grow a bit (up to 6)


how much are the privates

I can't remember exactly how much he charges for privates but I know he's always been very reasonable w/ his rates........Give him a call and I'm sure you can work something out.....
Henry's number is 414-431-1888

I talked to Henry. It is $65/hour/person and you can get a deal for 5 privates for $250.