MATC Submission Challenge Results

MATC Submission Challenge Results !

Charles Hanebrink's MATC Would like to thank all the competitors and spectators as the turnout was Great!.

A Special Thanks to Paul Booe for all of his assistance!

Listed below are the First, Second, and Third Place Winners for each Bracket.


Kids Points

First Place - Jack Zeller

Second Place - Albert Garay

Third Place - Jake Fullerton


Big Kids Points

First Place - Luke Walker

Second Place - Jackie Garay

Third Place - Alex Booe


Kids Submission

First Place - Rocco Gatti

Second Place - Dalton Adkins

Teen Girls

First Place - Rebekah Schools

Second Place - Claire Archer


Mens Beginner Lightweight

First Place - Ronnie Rogers

Second Place - Daniel Gottliebsem

Third Place - Richard Johns


Mens Beginner Middleweight

First Place - Paul Hayes

Second Place - Anthony Wikstrom

Third Place - Adam Raczkowski


Mens Beginner Heavyweight

First Place - Jeff Wall

Second Place - Jake Kreig


Mens Intermediate Lightweight

First Place - Caleb Harding

Second Place - Jaron Reeves

Third Place - John Keith


Mens Intermediate Welterweight

First Place - Adam Glaser

Second Place - Emanuel Rodriguez


Mens Intermediate Middleweight

First Place - Noel Poff

Second Place - Damon Yost

Third Place - Nicholas Hayes


Mens Intermediate Heavyweight

First Place - Jonathen Richard

Second Place - Jeff Wall

Third Place - Curtis Johnson


Mens Intermediate Heavyweight

First Place - Derek Inhat

Second Place - Zane Hershey

Third Place - Chris O'Haire


Mens Advanced Middleweight

First Place - Larry Hodges

Second Place - Mike Rubino

Third Place - Nate Andrev


Mens Advanced Heavyweight

First Place - Brent Blackwell

Second Place - Abe Stem

Third Place - Alex Franks


Mens Absolute Division

Congratulations to our $500.00 Cash Prize First Place/Tournament Champion  - Brent Blackwell

Congratulationd to our Second Place Silver Medalist - Abe Stem

Again, thanks for the great turnout!