Match candidates to Game of Thrones characters.

By mannerisms, personality, whatever you want...

Hillary Clinton = Cersei Lannister
Tim Kaine = Lord Varys

Donald Trump = Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)
Mike Pence = Davos Seaworth

Gary Johnson = Theon Greyjoy

Jill Stein = Melisandre

Donald Trump=Tywin Lannister, uses his immense wealth to curry political favor, until he finally decides that perhaps it's just best to rule directly

Hillary Clinton=Danerys Targarean, last member of a powerful ruling family, trying to buck tradition by having a female lead, large army of followers behind her

Tim Kaine=Keven Lannister, bland, competent, unmemorable second in command type

Mike Pence=Lancel Lannister. Religious fanatic, not too bright

Gary Johnson=Mance Rayder. Cool character, but sort of disconnected from the rest of the story, and doomed.

Bernie Sanders=Jaquen H'ghar. Interesting, but probably out of the picture for now.