pick up lines???????

So I am seriously looking to find a good one and settle down. So not looking for hook up only.

I know that you should go through a prospective womans page and comment about it in order to make it more interesting.

Problem is I want to have a GOOD canned speech that I can copy and paste on several pages.

So OG Casanovas what say you?

What is your best canned speech for online dating?

Try this

"You tryna fuck?"

Dude, come up with something original depending on the girl's profile. Those canned speeches are obvious and will get you nowhere.

I want you to step on my balls while wearing high heels and I'm dressed like a Japanese school girl

Did you see the fight outside!?

Read her profile. See what she's into. Research it and start an convo about it. Women love to talk about themselves

"Is that your natural hair color? I'm workin' on a voodoo doll."

Wanna fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard.


Jhay -

Try this

"You tryna fuck?"


PTM2020 - 

Did you see the fight outside!?

Hahaha PUA supreme

"I'm an OGer"


Juat don't tell him you're a 14'er.

It pretty much comes down to whether a chick glances at your profile and finds you attractive on those sites. If she does it doesn't matter what you write to her she will respond. If she doesn't find you attractive you could write a book about all the things she says she is interested in on her profile and she wouldn't.

Sorry but you have to mention something specific in their profile.

So you can "perpetrate the fraud" that you give a shit about what they have to say.

I mean, up until the point at which they spread their legs.

Jhay -

Try this

"You tryna fuck?"

This. Sets the proper tone to build the relationship.

Jaden Smith tweets

Never_rolled - 
Andrewsimar Palhardass - "Is that your natural hair color? I'm workin' on a voodoo doll."

Funny story. I bleached my hair. I was clearly visable in my pics as I had one pic that I said was a few months old with my natty color. It is rare to receive a first message from a chick compared to the amount a guy has to send out. A chick sends me a message we exchange back and forth and I asked for her number so we can start to text and or talk. The sooner the better with this as they will get bored with just messages.


Cunt sends me a text and wanted to know what color my hair was. I told her as in my pics it's bleached. She writes sorry not my thing good luck. lol

"Sorry I don't date guys who look like they're in No Doubt"

Just talk about things they're interested in. I always like to bring up how much laundry I have to do and ask if they want to help. It hasn't worked yet but I'm not going to change just because a few dozen Internet women found it offensive. 

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd love to keep you locked up in my basement as a sex slave."

PTM2020 - 

Did you see the fight outside!?

No but tell me more, maybe at my place for drinks.   


Fack.  Fell for it again. 

Make a dummy account and send out a mass email of shitty pickup lines with a hot (have some bitch help you pick), but greasy looking dude. 

See how many respond to shit like, "I can't wait to get you home and show you the D."


Now go back to your real account, and anytime some chick matches with you, you can cross reference your fake account to see which ones are dating material.