Match ups after 144

Hunt vs Barry
Rampage vs t silva
Pettis vs Diaz/bendo
Shields vs Diego Sanchez
Bader vs machida
J Lou vs melvin guilard 2
frankie Edgar vs aldo/Diego Nunez

Any other ideas ?? Phone Post

Pettis vs Nate Diaz ? Nate is fighting Jim Miller on UFC on Fox 3

I would like to see the Frankie vs Aldo fight for sure.

Pettis vs Diaz would be a gd fight tho I don't think Pettis is ready for a tittle shot yet Phone Post

I like Shields vs Diego

Diego smashs jake IMO ! Phone Post

Pettis vs Bendo 2
Rampage vs Shogun 2 (One of few fights that we'd get to see a propely motivated 'page)
Boetsch vs Weidman
Bader vs Machida


Hunt vs Bary/Lamar Jackson winner!

James tony is not going to come back to the UFC !! Phone Post

Rampage if he has 3 fights left give him shogun machida Thiago silva or atleast some strikers not wrestlers Phone Post

Hawkeye02 - Realistically Rampage has maybe 3 more fights before he should really hang em up. Give him the fights he wants. King Mo, James Toney, and Forrest Griffin.

i like rampage but when was the last time he won ?.Hunt-Barry u can bet on happening as well as Hendo-Pettis

I would be awesome to see frankie move down to 145 but I don't think he will Phone Post

Nate Diaz should fight ken florian if he beats miller. Phone Post

If Nate wins he deserves a shot at the strap not florian !! Phone Post

Rampage v Thiago would be pure violence.

Shields v Rory Mac/Kos

Edgar v Florian